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Adreana Young | 4/15/2015
Temple University partners with The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and other local media outlets to cover the 2015 mayoral race
Adreana Young | 4/10/2015
Integration X provides newspapers ad production and management solutions
Adreana Young | 4/9/2015
St. Louis Post-Dispatch launches “Ferguson,” a collection of nearly six months of reporting on the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown
Adreana Young | 4/8/2015
The Albuquerque Journal’s new app offers subscribers discounts at local businesses
Adreana Young | 4/7/2015
University of Missouri researchers and news professionals developing 3-D technology for newsrooms
Rich Kane | 3/18/2015
Videolicious makes digital content creation shockingly simple
Rich Kane | 3/17/2015
The Dallas Morning News tries community organizing with its Hispanic Families Network
Rich Kane | 3/13/2015

Australia-based Inkl aims to become the Spotify of news aggregation

Rich Kane | 3/12/2015
In Wisconsin, an investigation into the culture of alcohol shows the power of collaborative advocacy journalism
Rich Kane | 3/10/2015
Listener simplifies the arduous task of digital data collection
Rich Kane | 2/11/2015
New mobile ad platform strives to create meaningful interactions
Rich Kane | 2/10/2015
The Dallas Morning News gooses up citizen journalism with a Knight Foundation grant
Rich Kane | 2/6/2015
Yieldmo rescues mobile ads from the “Dark Side”