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Nu Yang | 9/12/2014

Omaha World-Herald launches revamped digital products.

Nu Yang | 9/11/2014

San Francisco Chronicle launches new food and home section, charity program

Nu Yang | 9/9/2014
After closing J-school three years ago, CU-Boulder approves creation of media college.
Nu Yang | 9/5/2014
The Pilot finds success with U.S. Open daily publications.
Nu Yang | 9/4/2014
CartoDB releases open source tool to create interactive stories
Nu Yang | 8/13/2014
SocialFlow boosts reader loyalty, engagement.
Nu Yang | 8/7/2014
NewsHQ launches online publishing platform.
Nu Yang | 8/6/2014
After three years, The  Daily O’Collegian continues to see paywall success.
Nu Yang | 8/5/2014
repubHub creates new revenue streams through republished content.
Nu Yang | 8/4/2014
Peekster connects print readers with social sharing.
Nu Yang | 7/8/2014

Shreveport Times redesigns paper, adds coverage.

Nu Yang | 7/7/2014
Prison inmates produce the San Quentin News.
Nu Yang | 7/3/2014
RealMatch offers publishers successful recruitment advertising solutions.
Press Release | The Los Angeles Times | 9/12/2014
Nu Yang | 9/12/2014