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Rich Kane | 2/11/2015
New mobile ad platform strives to create meaningful interactions
Rich Kane | 2/10/2015
The Dallas Morning News gooses up citizen journalism with a Knight Foundation grant
Rich Kane | 2/6/2015
Yieldmo rescues mobile ads from the “Dark Side”
Rich Kane | 2/5/2015
The Guardian’s Swarmize takes the headache out of surveys, and more
Rich Kane | 2/4/2015
Canada’s Postmedia “reimagines” their newspapers
Rich Kane | 1/14/2015
How publishers can use comics to tell better stories
Rich Kane | 1/9/2015
PaperLater creates customized, printed newspapers compiled from Web articles
Rich Kane | 1/8/2015
Scripps’ new Podium app links readers to their D.C. representatives
Rich Kane | 1/7/2015
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s website gets a needed makeover
Rich Kane | 1/6/2015
The Wall Street Journal and TouchCast pair up for a new kind of interactivity
Rich Kane | 12/9/2014
The SmartNews app gives you top stories at the swipe of a finger
Rich Kane | 12/5/2014

Wochit lets users make video in mere minutes, sans camera

Rich Kane | 12/4/2014
California Sunday revives the weekend magazine, but the ads may be its real strength
Nu Yang and Rich Kane | 3/2/2015
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 2/27/2015