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Adreana Young | 9/16/2015

Meet Chris Coates, Delaware News Journal’s new watchdog content coach

Adreana Young | 9/11/2015

After lawsuit, college journalists create independent newspaper

Adreana Young | 9/9/2015
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, NOLA.com launches The Future of New Orleans
Adreana Young | 9/3/2015
After 88 years, the Register-Guard’s publisher’s last name is not Baker
Adreana Young | 9/2/2015
The Guardian US plans to launch innovation lab
Adreana Young | 8/13/2015
Correlations helps connect journalists around the world
Adreana Young | 8/11/2015
The New York Times and Financial Times now offers hotel guests unlimited digital access
Adreana Young | 8/7/2015
Boston Globe’s Opinion Reel showcases documentaries created by the community
Adreana Young | 8/6/2015
Canada’s National Post launches a new radio show on Sirius XM
Adreana Young | 8/5/2015

RJI Fellow Victor Hernandez will study the impact of wearable technology

Adreana Young | 7/17/2015
Welcome to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper, population: Randy Olson
Adreana Young | 7/16/2015
Daytona Beach News-Journal generates more than $678,000 with MyWeek TV magazine
Adreana Young | 7/15/2015
Florida journalism students partner with Yik Yak to create location-based newsfeed