Mark Duffy | AdWeek | 3/30/2015
If you were Hunter S. Thompson, then, yes, I would give you a shot at writing a “native” ad for my brand. I’d give you several shots.
Garett Sloane | AdWeek | 3/30/2015
"Don't feed the trolls" has never been a more relevant piece of advice. The Web's established social media players as well as startups are trying to not just starve the trolls but to silence them in a battle against a toxic atmosphere that can sometimes scare users and advertisers.
Nathalie Tadena | The Wall Street Journal | 3/27/2015
Newspapers suddenly have another ally, and this one runs the world’s largest advertising group.
Lauren Johnson | AdWeek | 3/26/2015

Nearly two years after Google acquired Waze for more than $1 billion, new research and prolonged advertising deals from brands show that the mapping app is making a dent in the lucrative—and competitive—market of location-based mobile advertising.


Felicia Greiff | Advertising Age | 3/25/2015
As consumers grow more attached to their mobile phones and devices, marketers keep the cash flowing into app advertising.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 3/20/2015
The New Republic CEO Guy Vidra has called for massive changes at the 100-year-old institution, contributing to a massive staff exodus four months ago, but has been short on specifics. Now, it’s clear that native is going to be a big part of that future.
Jasper Jackson | The Guardian | 3/20/2015
Mail Online and the Guardian were the only UK national newspaper websites to grow their global daily audience between January and February.
Toni Fitzgerald | Media Life Magazine | 3/19/2015
Even years are supposed to be good ones for ad spending. There’s the Olympics, an election, and last year there was even the quadrennial World Cup.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 3/16/2015
Robots haven’t completely replaced media salespeople, but they’ve forced the role to evolve. Reps need to be fluent in selling traditional and digital and conversant in the ad tech complex.
Neil Sharman | theMediaBriefing | 3/9/2015
At the recent NewsWorks conference Doug McCabe, CEO of Enders said the digital advertising industry has divided.  One half undervalues content and context; the other puts them on a pedestal. 
Michael Sebastian | Advertising Age | 3/6/2015
A good review in The New York Times can make a filmmaker's career, but the Times ad department is offering another kind of hand up.
Michael Sebastian | Advertising Age | 3/6/2015
"I've been in media for 15 years," said Meredith Kopit Levien, head of ad sales at The New York Times. "The last three or four have been the ones where I've seen the most dramatic change."
John McDermott | Digiday | 3/5/2015
Google is testing a new way for publishers to maximize their advertising revenue.
Michael Barthel | Pew Research Center | 3/27/2015
Parker Higgins | | 3/26/2015
Press Release | Dirks, Van Essen & Murray | 3/26/2015