Chris Buckley | The New York Times | 9/2/2014
The dropping of Mr. Chin’s column comes as Occupy Central is trying to sustain public commitment to its protest plans.
Jenny Roper | PrintWeek | 8/29/2014
In total News UK installed 8,000 internal units, including newspaper display stands, fishtanks and spring-loaded retention trays, 2,000 storefront fascias and 6,000 blade signs.
Om Malik | | 8/29/2014
The tool is search — not the Google search as we know it, but a different version of Google-powered search tool that allows reporters to see in real-time past stories from across the web.
Mary Shanklin and Mark Schlueb | Orlando Sentinel | 8/29/2014
The project calls for two phases of residential and commercial development.
D.B. Hebbard | Talking New Media | 8/28/2014
The announcement earlier this month that Gannett would spin off its newspapers is probably a good thing for the papers as far as its digital strategy goes. During the summer the newspaper chain has been launching new apps for its newspapers, but the chain still feels four years behind more progressive digital publishers.
Susannah Nesmith | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/28/2014
Mary Kate Leming and her husband Jerry Lower started The Coastal Star, a monthly paper that covers nine beachfront towns in southern Palm Beach County.
John McDermott | Digiday | 8/28/2014
Audience data showed The New York Times has more millennial visitors than Vice.
Lene Sillesen | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/28/2014

The Guardian will feature two digital collaborations with smaller, local news outlets.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOM | 8/27/2014
Is the internet destroying journalism? In a piece at Salon, writer Andrew Leonard argues that it is — primarily because “the economics of news gathering in the Internet age suck,” as he puts it.
Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/27/2014
At its current pace, the Times is still adding about $20 million a year in digital subscription revenue. - See more at:
At its current pace, the Times is still adding about $20 million a year in digital subscription revenue.
Mike Shields | Wall Street Journal | 8/27/2014 and a slew of other Gannett sites will begin running what the company has dubbed Gravity ads, which are ads that take over a person’s computer screen.
D.B. Hebbard | Talking New Media | 8/26/2014
The combination of declining single copy sales and the rise of online paywalls may mean fewer young readers will be picking up the newspaper reading habit.
The Washington Post | 8/25/2014
Readers now have a dedicated destination for all of their personal finance needs: The Post today launches ‘Get There’, which brings together reporters, columnists and other experts for an ongoing look at money and its impact across all stages of life.
James Estrin | New York Times | 8/28/2014
Eric Blattberg | Digiday | 8/29/2014
Om Malik | | 8/29/2014
Susannah Nesmith | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/28/2014