Steven Perlberg | The Wall Street Journal | 10/8/2015
Sets goal of reaching $800 million in digital revenue with a subscriber-driven approach.
Bill Cromwell | Media Life | 10/8/2015
There's much hype. It's just hype. A look at the numbers.
Alex Remington | RJI | 10/8/2015
Does page design affect the way the brain processes news stories? Yes — and we have experimental lab results that prove it.
Catalina Albeanu | | 10/8/2015
Video views on smartphones are skyrocketing – but how is mobile video different from other digital videos, and what does it take to make it work?
Patricia Aufderheide | Media Shift | 10/8/2015
What kinds of opportunities are opening up for filmmakers and journalists in short-form video on news sites? The field is expanding rapidly, though most folks are still in experimental mode.
Emma Hall | Ad Age | 10/8/2015
Dutch Platform Blendle Has Set Its Signs on U.S. and U.K. Expansion.
Klint Finley | Wired | 10/8/2015
As online audiences have grown, the pain of moderating conversations on the web has grown, too.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 10/8/2015
Gawker Media has an advertising problem. In addition to the industrywide problem of declining ad rates and reader response to standard display ads, the edgy editorial content on its flagship vertical, Gawker, scares off many advertisers, leading to what company co-founder Nick Denton himself acknowledges is a “Gawker tax.”
Christina Bellantoni | The Los Angeles Times | 10/8/2015
The Los Angeles Times is releasing its first ever online poll, a snapshot of residents in our community and their thoughts about their neighborhoods, and the advantages and disadvantages of living in L.A.
Keith J. Kelly | New York Post | 10/8/2015
A major shakeout is coming to the digital media space as downward pricing pressure squeezes out some players.
Roger Yu | USA TODAY | 10/8/2015
The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 10/7/2015
Publishers have been trying to cut the time it takes their sites to load, but as their embrace of a Google plan to speed up the Web shows, they recognize they can’t do it alone.
Anthony Warren | Mississippi Press Association | 10/7/2015
Local businessman Clay Mansell started The Clinton Courier in 2010, answering an off-the-cuff challenge from then Mayor Rosemary Aultman.
Gretchen A. Peck | 10/5/2015
Press Release | Cribb, Greene & Cope | 10/2/2015
Jason Del Rey and Kurt Wagner | re/code | 10/2/2015
Madalina Ciobanu | | 10/2/2015