Madalina Ciobanu | | 9/4/2015
FactWire, a new outlet based in Hong Kong, has raised more than HKD 3 million (£253,000) to launch as an investigative news agency.
Gabe Pulver | INMA | 9/4/2015
The media company wanted to drive subscriptions with its Global Unlimited Investor Tools, add value with digital subscriber benefits, and increase investing content. It did all three.
Michael Calderone | The Huffington Post | 9/3/2015
Since June, Gawker, Salon, Guardian US and writers at Vice Media have all organized.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 9/2/2015
If scarcity is dead on the Web, the Charlotte Agenda didn’t get the memo.
Jack Marshall | WSJ | 9/2/2015
Online publishers are increasingly experimenting with “distributed” publishing models, whereby they post content directly to social sites, messaging apps and other platforms instead of driving users back to their own websites or apps.
Hadas Gold | Politico | 9/2/2015
John Micklethwait, editor in chief of Bloomberg, laid out a new focus for the media company just hours after around 80 employees were let go across the company.
Joshua Benton | Nieman Lab | 9/2/2015
The quest for scale, driven by the distribution power of a few enormous technology platforms, is killing the business case for local news. Will anything take its place?
Paul Farhi | The Washington Post | 9/1/2015
Bloomberg News, the global media organization headed by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, will lay off about 80 journalists this week in a rare retrenchment for the high-flying company.
Chris Roush | Linkedin | 9/1/2015
Dean Murphy was named business editor of The New York Times in December 2012, replacing Larry Ingrassia, who had been the business editor since 2004.
Rick Edmonds | Poynter | 9/1/2015
The company responded with two moves that appear to have boosted investor confidence.
Eliot Brown and Lukas I. Alpert | Wall Street Journal | 9/1/2015
It currently employs about 230 people at its Hollywood studio space.
Michael Wolff | USA Today | 8/31/2015
From the early days of the commercial Internet, Rupert Murdoch has expressed his frustration and anger over the disingenuousness that has allowed, under the guise of freedom and innovation, a widespread appropriation of otherwise protected content.
Lauren Johnson | AdWeek | 8/31/2015
The issue of viewability, online ads people can actually see, is the cause of much Sturm und Drang among publishers and advertisers these days, but a new wave of media upstarts are hoping to sidestep the issue by designing ad-friendly sites early on.
Adreana Young | 9/2/2015
Nu Yang | 9/1/2015
Michael Wolff | USA Today | 8/31/2015
Joshua Benton | Nieman Lab | 9/2/2015