Editor and Publisher Staff | 10/22/2014
This year's contest saw more than 400 entries competing in 33 categories.
Nu Yang | 10/20/2014
We visit publications from our annual 10 Newspapers That Do It Right list to see how far they’ve come and where they’re heading next
W. Eric Schult | 10/16/2014
Fayetteville Observer’s experiment results in cost savings, improves ink mileage
Rich Kane | 10/13/2014

How newspapers are finding successful revenue with video, digital and content

Gretchen A. Peck | 10/6/2014
As the public continues to lose faith in newspapers, publishers need a pragmatic approach to rebuilding brand loyalty
Ed Zintel | 9/25/2014
This year’s show brings together companies from all aspects of the printing world to learn, teach and help others grow.
Tim Sohn | 9/22/2014
Publishers join the fight for space and dollars on readers’ devices
Nu Yang | 9/15/2014
How newspapers can train, motivate and reward their sales team
Gretchen A. Peck | 9/8/2014
Journalists and whistleblowers battle for the public good
Ed Zintel | 9/3/2014
Plan calls for transition from six-month publishing statement to quarterly cross-media data report
Nu Yang | 8/18/2014
Newspapers create new business developments outside the industry.
Leah Betancourt | 8/8/2014
They’re taking on new purposes and new looks to compete with the online world.
Gretchen A. Peck | 8/1/2014
They’re coming to newsrooms, but how soon and under what regulatory oversight continues to be hotly debated.
Editor and Publisher Staff | 10/22/2014
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Nu Yang | 10/20/2014
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