Press Release | Elevate Communications | 4/18/2014
New site is faster and easier to navigate, features more visual elements for immersive storytelling
Margaret Sullivan | New York Times | 4/18/2014
The Times published an article Thursday afternoon about an Arab citizen of Israel – a 23-year-old journalist and Palestinian rights advocate – who was detained by Israeli authorities last weekend.  
Matthew Kassel | New York Observer | 4/18/2014
James Franco gets criticized pretty much every time he gives an opinion of anything, but that doesn’t prevent him from giving his opinion of basically everything.  
Ken Doctor | Nieman Journalism Lab | 4/18/2014
Questions about “the business model” sound a little different in Ukraine these days. One English-language newspaper is trying to build a sustainable future in an uncertain land.
Christie Barakat | Social Times | 4/18/2014
All traffic is not created equal; click data tell you if your headlines are enticing, but fall short of measuring actual engagement (1/3 of visitors leave without any signs of engagement).
Barbara Selvin | Poynter | 4/18/2014
A daylong protest by weekly newspaper editors from around the U.S. against the Newseum’s snubbing of community journalism resulted in the Washington, D.C., museum changing its policy to include weeklies in its Today’s Front Pages exhibit.
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 4/18/2014
A few dozen D.C. flacks took a tour through five of New York City's top news outlets recently.
Mathew Ingram | Gigaom | 4/18/2014
An appeals court has ruled that a blogger is a member of the media for the purposes of defamation law — another decision that helps support the idea of protecting acts of journalism, rather than just specific people who are defined as professional journalists.
Kevin Mireles | 4/18/2014
I hate to say it but the Old Gray Lady needs a major face lift if it’s going to be welcomed in my home again.
Jonathan Peters | Columbia Journalism Review | 4/17/2014
But we’ve got a guess—and the paper’s lawsuit could present the first challenge to the statute.
Winston-Salem Journal | 4/17/2014
A fire in the pressroom has led to an evacuation of the Hickory Daily Record building. No injuries were reported.
Gendy Alimurung | L.A. Weekly | 4/17/2014
During his 14 months as a secretly homeless man, Gierach posted some 584 articles to WeHo News.
Andrew Beaujon | Poynter | 4/17/2014
Whoopi Goldberg loves her vape pen: “her ability to help me live comfortably with glaucoma makes her one of the more important figures in my day to day,” the actor and TV host writes in The Cannabist, the Denver Post’s weed-focused breakout site.
Press Release | Columbia University | 4/14/2014
Press Release | Freedom Communications | 4/14/2014
Business of News: The Spacey Story of Newspaper People
Tim Gallagher | 4/15/2014