Rod Nordland and Rebecca Corbett | New York Times | 8/22/2014
KABUL, Afghanistan — The two candidates for president of Afghanistan both pledged on Friday to reverse the expulsion of an American journalist from the country as soon as they took office.
Mark Arsenault and David Abel | Boston Globe | 8/22/2014
A Suffolk Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that Steward Health Care System has no right to review the reporting or records collected by The Boston Globe for a yet-to-be-published article about a man’s journey through the mental health care system.
Anne Gearan | Washington Post | 8/22/2014
A photojournalist arrested in Iran alongside Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian and his wife was released on bail Wednesday, a family source said.
The Washington Post | 8/22/2014
LAST WEEK President Obama offered some lofty words about journalism and democracy.
Margaret Sullivan | New York Times | 8/22/2014
Want an object lesson in the problems of dubious equivalency and anonymous sources?
Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Journalism Lab | 8/22/2014
The two editorial pages decided to collaborate on a project soliciting reader submissions about their own experiences with racial profiling from the police.
Scott Roxborough | The Hollywood Reporter | 8/21/2014
The arrest of three German journalists reporting on the protests in Ferguson has sharpened international scrutiny of the events in the small Missouri city, where protests continue over the fatal shooting by a white police officer of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.
Kathy Haley | NetNewsCheck | 8/21/2014
Legacy media companies moved into a defensive crouch last week after sustaining repeated body blows.
Ginny LaRoe | NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune | 8/21/2014
A reporter for NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune was kicked out of the New Orleans criminal courthouse under threat of arrest Wednesday, halting for a time his coverage of the first day of qualifying for candidates seeking office in the Nov. 4 election.
Ravi Somaiya and Christine Haughney | New York Times | 8/21/2014
Islamic extremist fighters forced a freelance reporter, James Foley, to read propaganda celebrating their cause, and then beheaded him in a Middle Eastern desert.
Paul Hitlin and Nancy Vogt | Pew Research Center | 8/21/2014
The shooting death of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, quickly became a national news story on mainstream and social media last week.
Ryan Grim | Huffington Post | 8/21/2014
What happens in Ferguson and the St. Louis metro area the day after everybody leaves?
Kevin Roderick | LA Observed | 8/21/2014
The Los Angeles Times is surveying readers for their feelings on several marketing messages that would announce "a possible change to a smaller format," Bloomberg News reports.
Nu Yang | 8/18/2014
Mathew Ingram | GigaOm | 8/19/2014
Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/18/2014