Nat Newell | Indy Star | 10/5/2015

Three female reporters were temporarily barred from entering the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room following the team’s game against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday.


David Uberti | CJR | 10/5/2015
Peter Greste doesn’t know where home is. The Australian Al Jazeera correspondent, formerly based in Kenya, covered East Africa for years before Egyptian authorities arrested him and two colleagues on terrorism charges in December 2013.
Jesse Hyde | Deseret News | 10/5/2015
Since joining the New York Times in 1984, Nicholas Kristof has had a simple, but important, mission: bring attention to some of the world's most vexing problems.
James Warren | Poynter | 10/5/2015
It’s a diplomatic version of “Let’s Make a Deal,” absent the audience members in goofy outfits.
Laura Dattaro | CJR | 10/5/2015
The moment 10-year-old JJ learned she has HIV had been carefully orchestrated for months.
Kelly House | The Oregonian | 10/5/2015
"You will never hear me mention his name."
Dean Baquet | The New York Times | 10/5/2015
This week, The New York Times is celebrating a breakthrough: They recently passed one million digital-only subscribers.
Alexander Russo | CJR | 10/2/2015

“Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad’s proposal to double the number of charter schools threatens the financial stability of the Los Angeles Unified School District, according to LAUSD’s board president.”


Peggy McGlone | The Washington Post | 10/2/2015
The National Press Club and its affiliated journalism institute will sell a Norman Rockwell painting the artist gave them more than 50 years ago and bank the estimated $10- to $15-million windfall to support future programs.
Jay Rosen | PressThink | 10/2/2015
Best I have seen at it is Melody Kramer, recently of NPR, Nieman Foundation and the Federal government.
Paul Farhi | Washington Post | 10/2/2015
Long before the advent of social media, reporters were knocking on doors and stopping strangers in the street to seek facts and comments.
Hadas Gold | Politico Media | 10/2/2015
Austin Beutner’s abrupt firing and replacement by Baltimore Sun publisher Tim Ryan was met with displeasure by many in California.
Ken Doctor | NiemanLab | 10/1/2015
Do you remember where you were when you heard that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post?
Adreana Young | 10/1/2015
Press Release | Cribb, Greene & Cope | 10/2/2015
Gretchen A. Peck | 10/5/2015
Madalina Ciobanu | Journalism.co.uk | 10/2/2015