Lydia DePillis | The Washington Post | 1/30/2015
On Monday, a Politico reporter named Mike Elk  — who was hired last fall to work on the Web site’s new labor and employment section — started making some labor news of his own. 
Paul Farrell | The Guardian | 1/30/2015
Australia’s Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) has called for journalists to be exempt from government access to phone and web data, warning that the government’s data retention proposal risks making it impossible for a free press to function.
Chris Ip | CJR | 1/30/2015
This summer will be Jenny Kane’s first trip to Burning Man. No surprise—last year, six out of 10 attendees were new visitors to the experimental city that rises each summer in Nevada’s arid Black Rock Desert
Andrew Jacobs | New York Times | 1/30/2015
BEIJING — Jing Yuechen, the founder of an Internet start-up here in the Chinese capital, has no interest in overthrowing the Communist Party.
Jeremy Barr | Capital New York | 1/30/2015

Al Jazeera English news director Salah Negm responded to a string of recent leaked staff memos by writing one Thursday, obtained by Capital, with the subject "To BE LEAKED."


Caroline O’Donovan | NiemanLab | 1/30/2015
Bloomberg launched a fresh, new Bloomberg Business Tuesday night, to both acclaim and confusion.
Katie Hawkins-Gaar | Poynter | 1/30/2015
It was an exciting moment for user-generated content. The New York Times featured nine Instagram photos on the front page of its Wednesday edition.
Tim Swarens | Indianapolis Star | 1/29/2015
The initial reaction inside journalism circles, and from much of the public, was incredulous: What in the world are they thinking?
Jeremy Barr | Capital New York | 1/29/2015
New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan is part of a dying breed. 
Dylan Byers | Politico | 1/29/2015
The forthcoming issue of The New Republic — its first since a mass staff shakeup in December — features a cover story by Canadian journalist Jeet Heer about the magazine's "perceived legacy of racism."
Joseph Lichterman | NiemanLab | 1/29/2015
As the United Kingdom’s national broadcaster, the BBC operates under a royal charter, a formal document issued by the British monarchy that sets out the BBC’s priorities, ensures the broadcaster’s editorial independence, and details the responsibilities of the BBC Trust, its governing body.
Adam Kuban and Sheryl Swingley | PBS | 1/29/2015
When I (Sheryl Swingley) found a proof copy of Thomas E. Patterson’s “Informing the News: The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism” in my journalism department’s mailroom, I grabbed it.
Jeffrey Gottfried and Michael Barthel | Pew Research Center | 1/29/2015
About three-in-four Americans (76%) have heard at least a little about the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, conducted January 22-25 among 1,003 adults.
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 1/26/2015
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 1/29/2015
Wolfgang Blau | The Guardian | 1/28/2015