Ryan Felton | Detroit Metro Times | 7/2/2015
In response to a data-driven investigative report by The Detroit News on Quicken Loans' record in Detroit, the mortgage lender's founder Dan Gilbert took aim at the coverage in a WJR interview on Wednesday.
The Editorial Board | New York Times | 7/2/2015

As Myanmar heads toward national elections scheduled for November, the government of President Thein Sein is intensifying attempts to thwart the democratic aspirations of Myanmar’s people.


Justin Ellis | NiemanLab | 7/2/2015
In fall 2011, Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley wrote an memo about his career, leading right up to when he bought National Journal and The Atlantic Monthly.
Marc Herman | CJR | 7/2/2015
One evening last month, a police helicopter swooped over my neighborhood of mid-sized apartment blocks in Barcelona.
Steve Friess | CJR | 7/2/2015
One decade ago this weekend, millions of iPod owners woke up to a quiet change to the iTunes software they probably didn’t even notice.
Alastair Reid | journalism.co.uk | 7/2/2015
Sex workers, home-made drugs, HIV orphans and industrial pollution – the Guardian has been inviting marginalised members of society to tell their own stories
Michael Koretzky | SPJ | 7/1/2015
A dozen students in a small Iowa town have sued their whiny college for censoring the campus newspaper and firing their adviser.
Steve Friess | CJR | 7/1/2015
On a sticky August day last year in Cincinnati, I filed into the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on assignment for Al Jazeera America’s website to cover oral arguments in the four cases challenging state bans on same-sex marriage—the same cases that led to last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide.
Julie Posetti | WAN-IFRA | 7/1/2015
It used to be possible to promise confidentiality to sources – guaranteeing protection of their identities, even on pain of jail – in countries where legal source protection frameworks were robust.
The Guardian | 7/1/2015
Sudanese security officers have confiscated the entire print-run of El Jareeda daily newspaper in Khartoum, following a punishing six months for the country’s media.
Lisa O'Carroll | The Guardian | 7/1/2015
Andy Coulson’s former deputy at the News of the World has walked free from court after being cleared of masterminding a campaign of phone hacking at the defunct tabloid.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 7/1/2015
CNN gets its share of flak from media elites, but it has been on something of an innovation tear lately, taking a bit of inspiration from an unlikely source: print.
Michael Wolff | New York Times | 6/30/2015
The television industry has been steadily weaning itself off advertising.
Adreana Young | 7/1/2015
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 6/30/2015
Press Release | W.B. Grimes & Company | 7/1/2015