Raf Sanchez | The Telegraph | 2/27/2015
The clues that led to the unmasking of Jihadi John came in fragments.
Caroline O’Donovan | Nieman Lab | 2/27/2015
The other day, someone called me at work and asked me, What’s the future of journalism? As calmly and politely as I could, I replied, I don’t know what the future of journalism is.
Andrew Beaujon | Washingtonian | 2/27/2015
For those who follow digital media, 2015 may be remembered as the Year of Quality.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 2/27/2015

The promise of “big data” is the customization not just of advertising but of all content, tailored for specific users.


Maya Rhodan | Time | 2/27/2015
President Barack Obama knows his Reddit slang.
CNN Money | 2/27/2015
The country's top sports writers have rallied to help find a colleague's son who has been missing for four days.
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 2/27/2015
Are we about to see the BBC and the regional press, to use my colleague John Plunkett’s endearing phrase, “getting into bed with each other”?
Rem Rieder | USA Today | 2/26/2015
Bill O'Reilly calls out people for their transgressions. No way should he be immune from the same treatment.
Brigid Delaney | The Guardian | 2/26/2015
Simon & Schuster wins bidding war for book by former executive editor that will focus on news media remaining relevant in the digital age
Roger Yu and Mike Snider | USA Today | 2/26/2015
Net neutrality, also called open Internet, is a principle that Internet networks are equally available to all types of legal content generators.
Peter Kafka | re/code | 2/26/2015

Facebook has 1.4 billion users. Meet the guy who helps determine what those folks see when they visit: Chris Cox, the social network’s head of product.


Sarah Kaplan | Washington Post | 2/26/2015
The Toronto Star’s vaccine article was retracted Friday after it was thoroughly panned by doctors and other experts.
BBC News | 2/26/2015
There were five drone sightings over Tuesday night, including one near the Eiffel Tower, but there is no link yet to the Al-Jazeera arrests.
Isabell Hülsen | Der Spiegel Online | 2/23/2015
Michael Depp | NetNewsheck | 2/24/2015
Nikki Usher | Columbia Journalism Review | 2/24/2015