Ned Oliver | Style Weekly | 10/24/2014
A former Associated Press editor filed a lawsuit against the wire service in Richmond Circuit Court last week, alleging that she was unjustly fired for an error in a story edited by another staffer.
Neal Rubin | The Detroit News | 10/24/2014
Ninety-seven years and nine days. Two world wars and a lot of smaller ones. Three Pulitzer Prizes. Louis vs. Schmeling, cops vs. Purple Gang, Worthy vs. Kilpatrick.
Jackson Brook | PBS | 10/24/2014
Having survived my senior year at Palo Alto High School, I think I can safely say that thus far in my education, the most useful thing I have done to develop my intellectual vitality has been joining my high school magazine, Verde.
Nadia Beard | The Guardian | 10/24/2014
‘The news returns’ – that is the slogan for the Meduza Project, a new Russian-language independent media organisation based in Latvia launched this week.
Ellen Nakashima | The Washington Post | 10/24/2014
The FBI on Thursday warned news organizations that it had recently obtained “credible information” indicating that members of an Islamic State-affiliated group have been “tasked with kidnapping journalists” in the region and taking them to Syria.
Jon Swaine | The Guardian | 10/24/2014
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is considering a return to the payroll for Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the Sun and the News of the World, with a senior job in New York.
Rick Edmonds | Poynter | 10/24/2014
Long-time critics of imprecise unique visitor and page view metrics like me have had reason to cheer in recent months.
David Wroe | The Sydney Morning Herald | 10/24/2014

Egypt's President has said he plans to pardon jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste and his colleagues after their appeal early next year, according to an Arabic news report.


Jonathan Peters | CJR | 10/24/2014
Jeff Hermes of the Media Law and Resource Center discusses the legal needs of a new generation of news organizations
Carlos Maza & Joe Strupp | Media Matters | 10/23/2014
On October 16, Douthat spoke at "The Price of Citizenship: Losing Religious Freedom in America," an event held by ADF and aimed at drawing attention to a number of popular right-wing horror stories about the threat LGBT equality poses to religious liberty.
Dan Reimold | College Media Matters | 10/23/2014
The Daily Nexus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has retracted and apologized for a satirical blog post describing a faux campus invasion by the militant group ISIS. With its lack of a prominent satire label upfront, some readers apparently believed the student newspaper article may have been real.
Gay Alcorn | The Guardian | 10/23/2014
Lachlan Murdoch has attacked new laws that could see journalists jailed for up to 10 years if they disclose information about a “special intelligence operation”, saying they are a serious attack on the freedom of the press in Australia.
Karyne Levy | Business Insider | 10/23/2014
Software maker Adobe has joined a small but growing list of companies that are distancing themselves away from the GamerGate controversy.
Editor and Publisher Staff | 10/22/2014
Eric Blattberg | Digiday | 10/22/2014
Nu Yang | 10/20/2014
Jason McGahan | The Daily Beast | 10/22/2014
Jeremy Barr | Capital New York | 10/23/2014