Benjamin Mullin | Poynter | 11/30/2015
Political scribes, take note: The Associated Press has an updated style entry for the foremost Democratic presidential contender: Effective immediately, the AP is changing its style from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Hillary Clinton.
Greg Ryan | Boston Business Journal | 11/30/2015
The Boston Herald won a court victory on Wednesday over Tom Scholz, the founder of the homegrown 1970s rock band Boston, who accused the newspaper of defaming him by implying he was the cause of lead singer Brad Delp’s 2007 suicide.
Samuel G. Freedman | CJR | 11/30/2015
Midway through June of 1982, I was summoned from my usual post in the Connecticut bureau of The New York Times to spend two weeks doing a night shift in the legendary newsroom on West 43rd Street in Manhattan.
Liz Stinson | Wired | 11/30/2015

The members of Abounaddara have lost track of the number of videos they’ve created. Vimeo says 370, but that doesn’t account for the hours of footage that never sees the light of day.


Sarah Lyall | New York Times | 11/30/2015
LONDON — A July article on a front page of The Sun on Sunday tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch, was a classic of its kind.
Benjamin Mullin | Poynter | 11/30/2015
NBA superstar Kobe Bryant scooped the world — and mainstream news outlets — Sunday by announcing he’d retire at season’s end on a relatively new sports site founded by former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.
Sam Berkhead | ijnet | 11/30/2015
It’s more difficult than ever for U.S. media organizations to cover international events.
Jim Puzzanghera | Los Angeles Times | 11/30/2015
Tribune Publishing Co. on Monday denied a rumor started by media mogul Rupert Murdoch that the news organization was on the verge of being sold.
Elizabeth Dickinson | CJR | 11/25/2015
As the Syrian conflict has unspooled over the last four years, Orient TV has earned a reputation as an opposition bulwark.
Brian Stelter | CNN | 11/25/2015
Newsrooms across Chicago and the country made varying decisions about airing the recently released Laquan McDonald shooting video Tuesday.
Peter Holley | Washington Post | 11/23/2015
Jason Rezaian faced four charges, including espionage.
Michael Calderone | The Huffington Post | 11/19/2015
"All of us are accepting that any one of us will be killed at anytime or anywhere," one says.
Joel Mathis | Philadelphia | 11/19/2015
PMN wants $3.5 million for its forced anonymity.
Jim Puzzanghera | Los Angeles Times | 11/30/2015
Elizabeth Dickinson | CJR | 11/25/2015
Ken Doctor | Politico Media | 11/24/2015