Ann Coulter has some regrets about the harsh comments she frequently makes.

"On a couple of occasions, I was too gentle," the Universal Press Syndicate columnist said in a Sunday interview with Jonathan Pitts of The Sun in Baltimore.

Coulter -- whose comments have included "jokes" about killing various people and groups -- was asked by The Sun to give a couple examples of the many times she says reporters misquote her. "It happens so much I don't keep track," Coulter replied.

Then, speaking of how she feels the press overplays or misrepresents news stories, Coulter added: "Either every single person working in the media today is thoroughly incompetent in every way, or this massive, daily misrepresentation is the result of left-wing bias throughout the media."

The Sun also asked Coulter about the pros and cons of her take-no-prisoners approach. "My thinking is that only trauma produces intellectual breakthroughs," she said. "The plus side is watching liberals get hissy; the downside is -- there really is no downside."

Coulter also told The Sun that "liberal ideology" is a "pack of lies"; Democrats are "sniveling, gutless little America-hater(s)"; "the best video I've seen was of Bush saying 's--t' at the G-8 conference"; and "there will be more people living in peace and freedom when 'W' leaves office than there were when 'W' took office."

In addition, Coulter quipped: "I'm a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don't you ever forget it."


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