Facebook’s recent changes to its news feed algorithm have decreased organic reach for brands and, at the same time, increased reach for editorial operations. But for whatever reason, the social network has not treated native ads as advertising so far. The result: a de facto loophole that brands and publishers have both exploited.

Publishers are making their relatively larger reaches on Facebook an ever more vital part of their native ad pitches, giving brands greater distribution on Facebook than they would ever see from their own pages. Because when a publisher posts one of its native ads to its Facebook page, Facebook registers it as an editorial post, not a brand one.


They're always ads on Facebook

Robert Barrows | Monday, July 28, 2014

All the posts are "ads" on Facebook. It's all "look how cool and clever I am." If the "native ads" are clever and fun to read, it's interesting. If they're not, it's a pain in the neck and get off my feed. I wonder how long it will be before it gets too boring to look at somebody else's "me, me me" post, and I'm guilty of the same. When is an ad Not an ad...when they're not selling anything...so, the simple answer is "never." All the posts are "ads."

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