The Courier-Gazette | The Camden Herald | 12/11/2014
The longtime newspaperman was also a member of the board of directors of the National Newspaper Association.
Andrea Mandell | USA Today | 12/8/2014
The features reporter passed away after a four-year cancer battle.
Staff Report | 12/4/2014
He joined the Post-Dispatch in 2002, and passed away after a short bout with cancer.
Staff Report | 12/2/2014
She was the widow of newspaper entrepreneur B. Carmage Walls.
Larry McShane | New York Daily News | 12/1/2014
He was at the New York City paper for 50 years.
Emily Langer | Washington Post | 11/25/2014
He served in Vietnam, covered the Kent State shootings, and taught at George Washington University.
David Colker | Los Angeles Times | 11/24/2014
He was awarded the Pulitzer in 1987 for his book reviews.
Dennis McLellan | Los Angeles Times | 11/18/2014
He worked at Time and Life magazines before joining The Times in 1965.
Rachel E. Stassen-Berger | Minneapolis Star Tribune | 11/18/2014
He was a Star Tribune reporter in the 1980s, and again in recent years. 
Douglas Martin | New York Times | 11/17/2014
He played a huge part in defining cultural coverage at the newspaper.
John F. Morrison | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/14/2014
"This is going to be a great loss," said a colleague. "He was a really hard worker. He won't be replaced easily."
Agnel Philip | Arizona Republic | 11/13/2014
He was also a three-time Pulitzer nominee during his reporting years.
Daniel E. Slotnik | New York Times | 11/4/2014
He covered business and New York politics over 24 years as a reporter.
Nicole Levy | Capital New York | 12/16/2014
Press Release | The Dallas Morning News | 12/18/2014