David Holmes | PandoDaily | 1/20/2015
GigaOM’s Mathew Ingram is on a bit of a campaign lately to convince the world that Buzzfeed is “beating” the New York Times — which to some, is a little bit like saying Coke is beating UNICEF.
Joel Mathis | Philadelphia Magazine | 1/15/2015
Pay no attention to those gloomy statements coming out of the city’s long-established newspapers: Philadelphia’s media scene is growing by leaps and bounds!
Jim Romenesko | | 12/30/2014
In a piece titled “The Virologist,” Andrew Marantz profiles 27-year-old “Internet-media entrepreneur” Emerson Spartz for this week’s New Yorker.
Nilay Patel | The Verge | 12/18/2014
BuzzFeed announced today that it’s acquiring the talent team behind mobile app developer Hyper IQ, a significant investment in building native apps for a publisher that’s traditionally been web- and social-first.
Michael J. de la Merced | New York Times | 12/17/2014
Online news start-ups have garnered buzz, and millions of dollars, over the last few years. But few can boast of vocal fans like Oprah Winfrey, especially while focusing on the least sexy of media: email.
Jack Marshall | The Wall Street Journal | 12/17/2014

Google GOOGL +1.15% officially shuttered the Spanish version of its news service Tuesday morning, and publisher sites in Spain have seen their traffic dip since, according to data from Web analytics company Chartbeat.


Ben Richmond | Motherboard | 12/11/2014
In 2014, many news sites either did away with comments altogether, or hid them away, keeping whatever engagement commenting brings while sparing the eyes of the innocent from the rants of the inane.
Charlie Warzel | BuzzFeed | 12/10/2014
Citizen journalism was one of the great dreams of the mid-2000s internet. Just as blogs had given anyone with an internet connection and a keyboard a platform, media companies like AOL and CNN hoped that cell phones and high-speed internet would transform an army of private citizens and online hobbyists into freelance, oftentimes pro bono writers, videographers, and reporters.
Adam Sherk | | 12/9/2014
Google News has been in the news itself lately, from European efforts to impose taxes to questions about its value and even suggestions for giving it a full redesign. But just how much traffic is it currently driving to publishers?
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 12/3/2014
With the growth of social media and the tectonic shift toward reading on mobile phones, the death of the homepage has been treated as something of a given.
Stephen Gibbs | The American Conservative | 12/2/2014
Recently, “clickbait” has become one of the most frequently lobbed pejoratives on the Internet, but what does it mean exactly?
Michelle Castillo | Adweek | 11/25/2014
Our fragmented attention spans are so fickle that if something doesn't grab us in the first few seconds, we're likely to turn away.
Monica Anderson | Pew Research Center | 11/21/2014
The Reuters news service recently joined other media outlets that have closed or restructured their online comments.