Monica Anderson | Pew Research Center | 11/21/2014
The Reuters news service recently joined other media outlets that have closed or restructured their online comments.
Seth Stevenson | Slate | 11/17/2014
Hello, Slate reader. By clicking on this article, you indicate that you accept and are bound by the following terms:
Rick Edmonds | Poynter | 11/12/2014
A new Pew Research Center survey on Internet privacy concerns, released today, has a nugget of good news for organizations producing targeted website content and advertising.
Max Blau | Creative Loafing Atlanta | 11/12/2014
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has been retooling its digital strategy for much of the last two years.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 11/12/2014
“If you publish good stuff and let people read it, they’ll subscribe.”
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 11/10/2014
Clickbait for publishers is a bit like some people’s definitions of pornography: It’s hard to define, but people know it when they see it. Put another way, if you ask 10 people what clickbait means, chances are you’re going to get 10 different answers.
Andrew Beaujon | Poynter | 11/7/2014
Reuters will no longer allow comments on news stories, it says in an unsigned editor’s note Friday.
Jim Edwards | Business Insider | 11/4/2014
The Guardian's website is being swamped by unidentifiable "dark traffic", and executives at the company cannot figure out where it is coming from.
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 11/3/2014
It seems like everybody’s starting an email newsletter these days. The web offers an endless stream of information, David Carr wrote in June, so “having something finite and recognizable show up in your inbox can impose order on all that chaos.”
Press Release | New York Times | 10/6/2014
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The New York Times ( today announced that it would offer a week of free unlimited access to NYT Now in coordination with the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s (AEJMC) inaugural National News Engagement Day.
NetNewsCheck | 9/30/2014
The Newspaper Association of America has released comScore data that shows a new high for audiences engaged with newspaper digital content and reflects significant growth among key demographic groups.
Will Bunch | | 9/29/2014
I don't know if they'll ever finally get around to thawing Walt Disney, wherever he and his probably apocryphal  ice box may be, and successfully re-animate the legendary animator. But if they do, and if they ask him to design an American city, I'm pretty sure what he'd come up would be Chicago, circa 2014.
Timothy B. Lee | Vox | 9/25/2014
When a new technology is invented, there's often a lot of doubt about its utility.