Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 4/11/2014
The New Yorker, ambling at its own pace, is busy upping its digital game.  
Kaylin Bugos | AJR | 4/10/2014
The Savannah Morning News has implemented a program that gives its journalists a small monetary bonus for traffic growth, according to Steve Yelvington, vice president of audience at the newspaper.  
Jim Bach | AJR | 4/9/2014
The Society of Professional Journalists, after leaving its code of ethics untouched for nearly 18 years, has released a revised draft that includes, for the first time, updated guidance on how journalists should behave in the rapidly changing field of digital news. 
Allie Jones | The Wire | 4/8/2014
"What is marijuana?" asks today, ready to seriously answer that question for anyone who's not sure.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 3/24/2014
Ads at the top of the page are most valuable. Attention spans on mobile devices are gnat-sized.
Kaylin Bugos | AJR | 3/10/2014
In the last several years, hundreds of journalists took a risk and went to work for a big company that said it could deliver hyperlocal news online across the country.
Tom Grubisich | Street Fight | 2/28/2014
When Kerry Anne Ducey started blogging in her suburban community of Ridgefield, CT. in 2009, what happened within the several square miles of this 300-year-old community of about 25,000 people was the center of her journalistic universe.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 2/27/2014
There’s no one-size-fits all social media editor role at publications.
Caroline O’Donovan | Nieman Journalism Lab | 2/24/2014
After a reboot and the rise of programmatic ad buying, the Local Media Consortium is hoping that news outlets can have more market leverage negotiating as a group than as individuals.
Lucia Moses | Adweek | 2/11/2014
Capital New York has tweaked its pricing as it prepares to start charging for e-newsletters and news coverage today, making it the latest startup to test consumers' willingness pay for news.
John McDermott | Digiday | 1/8/2014
The New York Times’ continued effort to build out its digital news offerings includes building an opinion section product that adopts some of the distribution strategies of some of the most popular modern Web properties.
Charles Moore | Technology Tell | 1/3/2014
Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky, Sr. asks rhetorically why we’re still debating the value of paying for good, quality journalism on the cusp of 2014?
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 12/18/2013
A two-month-old viral blog by The Washington Post (y’know, the venerable 136-year-old newspaper and venerable 17-year-old website) seems to have tapped into the shareable content trend of the moment.
Ken Doctor | Nieman Journalism Lab | 4/18/2014
New Haven Register Names New Publisher | 4/17/2014
Alan D. Mutter | Newsosaur | 4/18/2014