Mike Isaac | The New York Times | 8/11/2014
BuzzFeed just closed a new $50 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 8/7/2014
The New York Times is considering a cheaper version of its digital subscription as it continues to look for ways to get more revenue out of consumers.
Mark Sweney | The Guardian | 8/4/2014
The Telegraph website’s 20% traffic boost in June has been attributed to factors including favouring Facebook over Twitter to push content and writing fewer stories overall, according to Jason Seiken.
Hannah Jane Parkinson | The Guardian | 7/22/2014
Earlier this month, the New Yorker announced plans to massively overhaul its website and to significantly alter its digital model, at a time when the Guardian and the New York Times are also implementing changes to their online presence.
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 7/21/2014
Three major news website redesigns this year look very different but have an important feature in common: articles that seamlessly transition to new content, without requiring readers to click or tap headlines and then wait for new pages to load.
Jason Abbruzzese | Mashable | 7/14/2014
Facebook has helped catapult sites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy into social stardom, boosting the visibility of media content on the News Feeds of millions of users and generating a deluge of traffic.
Michelle Castillo | Adweek | 7/14/2014
You started at Bloomberg in January as the global head of digital innovation. Why the shift to video?
Emma Bazilian | Adweek | 6/23/2014
Following Time Inc.’s overhaul in recent months of the Time, Fortune and Money websites, now it’s Sports Illustrated’s turn.
Myles Tanzer | BuzzFeed | 6/20/2014
Every few months media types seem to loop back to a familiar question: How to measure media beyond the page view.
Abigail Edge | | 6/18/2014
How can legacy news outlets incorporate video sharing and live reporting into their workflow?
Alex Weprin | Capital New York | 6/16/2014
Al Jazeera quietly launched its digital video news channel Al Jazeera + on Friday.
Tom Warhover | Columbia Missourian | 6/2/2014
Dear Reader,   Is this column worth a nickel to you?
Nick Massella | Mediabistro | 5/29/2014
Today, The Hill newspaper announced the launch of a new “Contributors” section, with content expected from more than 100 scholars, think tanks, diplomats, and strategists.
Nu Yang | 8/18/2014
Mathew Ingram | GigaOm | 8/19/2014
Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/18/2014
Nick Massella | Fishbowl DC | 8/15/2014