Cxense Unveils a Gusher of a Data Management Platform
Posted: 6/4/2014  |  By: Ed Zintel
It’s being said that big data is the new oil with its ability to help generate new revenues. It’s generated by users, renewable and valuable once refined. The question with the recent advent of the use of big data in the newspaper business has been this: “How do we harness all of that data and best use it”?            

Cxense believes it has the answer with its just-released Cxense DMP (data management platform), an expanded version of its Big Data solution that, the company says, offers publishers improved aggregation, segmentation, and use of customer data to better engage and monetize visitors across all digital channels, including mobile phones and tablets.            

According to Lauren Pedersen, Cxense’s vice president of global marketing, the Cxense DMP improves engagement and monetization capabilities on media websites and applications while leaving the data in control of publishers. She says the software-as-a-service (SaaS) based products provide site visitors with better experiences across mobile and desktop devices, while helping publishers increase digital revenue through precisely targeted advertising and personalized content.            

The Cxense DMP employs a three-pronged approach—aggregate, segment, and action—all in real time:

“This is all done in real time, meaning you can see what the user is interacting with and capture that information in the moment, while the user is still on your site,” Pedersen said. “That results in a quick response to what the user is looking for.            

“Today, most publishers are only scratching the surface of what big data offers. We think the Cxense DMP demonstrates that perfectly and enables publishers to know better than anyone what their readers want. They take control of their data and stop sharing or leaking with third-party middlemen.”            

Those working with Cxense already include the Times Media Group, one of South Africa’s largest news publishing companies; the Sunday World, the top selling Sunday newspaper in Ireland; and Colombia’s leading news portal, El Colombiano.            

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