Guarantee Digital Announces Launch of Guarantee Digital University, an Expanded Sales Training Program for Agency Media Partners Across the US.
Posted: 2/14/2013  |  By: Press Release | Guarantee Digital
Guarantee Digital announced today it is expanding its already robust training program with the creation of Guarantee Digital University (GDU).    GDU will bring together a “Training Dream Team” of skilled Digital Media Experts and Trainers with a combined 80+ years of industry experience working with sales teams from markets of all sizes.   

Guarantee Digital Founder and CEO Daryl Hively said, “Guarantee Digital University will provide our existing and future Digital Agency Media partners the opportunity to educate and upgrade the skill levels of their entire Sales Staff.   We firmly believe in the concept of teaching men and women to fish – helping them acquire the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive digital media environment.” 

GDU’s Digital Certification program is designed to raise the expertise of both seasoned digital sales pros as well as traditional sellers, providing Digital product education plus prospecting, needs assessment and closing skills.    A key element of the GDU program will include dedicated on call Sales Coaches available to assist Sales Reps and Ad Managers with Client Strategy and proposal development.       

Hively added, “Talking with our Current Partners and envisioning with them a Strategic Five Year Plan for their sales teams, we saw a real need for a formalized program like Guarantee Digital University.    This goes well beyond the training needed to launch a Digital Ad Agency.   It’s about the process of transforming your sales organization and ensuring you remain the market leader for years to come”  

Guarantee Digital will be exhibiting at the upcoming Key Executives Mega Conference in New Orleans February 18-20 and encourages current and existing media partners to stop the Booth #51 by for a visit. 

About Guarantee Digital:    Guarantee Digital provides consulting and fulfillment services for local media companies that want their share of the fast growing multi-billion dollar web services industry.  GD enables their partners to quickly launch their own locally branded Digital Ad Agency; offering products that virtually every local Merchant needs to connect with consumers in the new digital marketplace.    Services include pricing and bundle recommendations, full training via GDU, merchant launch seminars, a new agency website and complete fulfillment and customer support after the sale.    Current Media Partners in over 20 markets of all sizes include the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Buffalo News, Toledo Blade, Columbus Dispatch, Daily Herald (Chicago), The Elkhart Truth, St. Joe News Press, Pioneer News Group, Small Newspaper Group, and Jones Media.