Production | 8/27/2015
A new facility to design and produce the pages of The Times-Picayune and four newspapers in Alabama and Mississippi will be opened in early 2016.
Press Release | Ferag | 8/26/2015
At the World Publishing Expo 2015, Ferag will premiere Skyfall,  the transport, sorting and buffering system.
Press Release | Goss | 8/12/2015
Triple-wide Uniliner press enables drive towards long-term objectives.
Press Release | Goss International | 8/3/2015
AIP investment to support future Goss product innovation and business growth
Merrill Perlman | CJR | 7/29/2015
In the wonderfully noir movie Deadline USA, Humphrey Bogart plays a newspaperman who battles corruption in New York City as he fights to keep his beloved newspaper from dying. In one of the final scenes, as the racketeer on the phone threatens Bogart’s character to prevent him from printing a story, he is disturbed by noises coming from Bogart’s end.
Press Release | CIPS Marketing Group, Inc. | 7/13/2015
The partnership once again expands the company’s infrastructure north of their current Los Angeles, California corporate location.
Press Release | ProImage | 7/9/2015
The Tribune reported a 21 percent average monthly reduction of ink consumption. | 7/2/2015
The new printing contract with Signature Graphics will be phased in later this summer.
Press Release | New ProImage America, Inc. | 6/29/2015
Morris Printing Services will use ProImage’s NewsWay workflow solutions in all of their print facilities.
Press Release | Goss | 5/20/2015
Goss Community press ordered with four four-high towers, one SSC folder and four zero-speed splicers
Press Release | manroland | 5/12/2015
Combination of controls upgrades and relocated equipment at Advance Central Services Alabama’s print operation
Press Release | Goss | 5/6/2015
Low-height design crucial to project success
Press Release | Prisco | 5/4/2015
The 50,000 square foot facility opened in 2002.
Katie Rogers and Alan Blinder | New York Times | 8/26/2015
Jeff Gammage | Philadelphia Inquirer | 8/25/2015
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 8/26/2015