Press Release | Goss | 5/20/2015
Goss Community press ordered with four four-high towers, one SSC folder and four zero-speed splicers
Press Release | manroland | 5/12/2015
Combination of controls upgrades and relocated equipment at Advance Central Services Alabama’s print operation
Press Release | Goss | 5/6/2015
Low-height design crucial to project success
Press Release | Prisco | 5/4/2015
The 50,000 square foot facility opened in 2002.
Press Release | Cox Media Group | 4/30/2015
The Austin American-Statesman will move printing and packaging operations from Austin to facilities in San Antonio and Houston.
Press Release | Kodak | 4/29/2015

Latest workflow software pushes boundaries of automation to reduce costs and inefficiencies at every level of the printing process


Press Release | Exponent Media Group, Inc. | 4/29/2015
The View Newspaper Group's advertising department will utilize cloud pagination to assist in the creation of its used car inventory section.
Press Release | Goss | 4/28/2015
Eight-unit two-web Sunday 2000 system for Las Vegas company
Press Release | PCF | 4/22/2015
PCF has entered a long-term agreement with Delivery Ink, a joint venture of Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail, to provide them and their distributors with a suite of proven, cloud-based technology solutions.
Press Release | Harland Simon | 4/21/2015
As part of this project, Harland Simon will also supply three P6000 operator screens providing the same user experience across both the Universal and Newsliner enabling full flexibility across the presses.
Press Release | The Network | 4/3/2015
Bay Area News Group (BANG), a division of Digital First Media (DFM), has moved production of the San Jose Mercury News to its other facilities.
Alexis Sobel Fitts | CJR | 3/25/2015
If you’re a publisher, Facebook holds a lot of power. The social media giant is already responsible for directing up to 40 percent of some sites’ traffic, and 75 percent of BuzzFeed’s.
Jasper Jackson | The Guardian | 3/24/2015

The Times is developing a new edition-based digital publishing model that would see its website refreshed at set times throughout the day, rather than updating as news breaks.


Lori Weisberg | San Diego Union-Tribune | 5/27/2015
Joel Mathis | Philadelphia | 5/29/2015
Jeff Sonderman and Tom Rosenstiel | API | 5/27/2015
Sydney Ember | New York Times | 5/26/2015