Joshua Benton | Nieman Lab | 2/27/2015
It’s what qualifies as an age-old debate in the digital media business: Web or native apps?
Farhad Manjoo | New York Times | 2/26/2015
The C.E.O. of Twitter talks with Farhad Manjoo about how the platform plans to handle harassment.
David Sharman | HoldtheFrontPage | 2/25/2015
Readers in 45 countries are receiving news alerts from a regional daily direct to their phone, it has been revealed.
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 2/25/2015
Justin Smith pronounces himself happy with Bloomberg’s month-old redesign. The C.E.O. of Bloomberg Media has been watched closely since he assumed the job a year and a half ago, coming over from a much-acclaimed stint rebuilding Atlantic Media.
Jonathan Weisman | New York Times | 2/25/2015
WASHINGTON — Senior Republicans conceded on Tuesday that the grueling fight with President Obama over the regulation of Internet service appears over, with the president and an army of Internet activists victorious.
Jordyn Taylor | The New York Observer | 2/25/2015
Launched publicly this morning, Capture is an online platform that helps news organizations find real-time coverage of events happening around the world—by letting them search and discover photos and videos ordinary people are posting on social media.
Dave Hawley | Advertising Age | 2/24/2015
The business world has a crippling lack of technology skills, and the cost to the U.S. economy is staggering.
Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Lab | 2/24/2015
When Sam Sheffer, The Verge’s social media editor, launched the site’s Snapchat account at the end of July last year, he meant it to be a small-scale experiment.
Michelle Manafy | Digital Content Next | 2/24/2015
Podcasting is definitely making a comeback. But like so many things digital, podcasting isn’t a one-size-fits-all opportunity.
Michael Depp | NetNewsheck | 2/24/2015
Newspapers have invested far more in advertising than in their audiences, a path from which they’ll need to diverge to ensure their futures, cautions media analyst Ken Doctor.
Kevin Roose | Fusion | 2/23/2015
Like most media workers, Matthew Lazin-Ryder, a Vancouver-based producer with CBC Radio, spends a fair amount of time on Twitter. When he tweets, his messages are seen by some percentage of his 3,470 followers.
Abigail Edge | | 2/23/2015
Currently in private beta, Cloudstitch aims to allow journalists to publish, share and edit interactives without any coding knowledge.
John McDermott | Digiday | 2/20/2015
Podcasts, aided by the smash hit “Serial,” are having a moment. They’ve broken through with mainstream audiences, they’ve piqued interest from brand advertisers.
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 2/27/2015
Isabell Hülsen | Der Spiegel Online | 2/23/2015
Michael Depp | NetNewsheck | 2/24/2015
Nikki Usher | Columbia Journalism Review | 2/24/2015