Sarah Frier | Bloomberg | 8/21/2014
The dilemma faced by Twitter isn’t much different from that of a newspaper or broadcaster.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOm | 8/19/2014
Ferguson shows the downsides of an algorithmic filter.
Frédéric Filloux | Quartz | 8/18/2014
The modern smartphone is seven years old and yet, when it comes to designing mobile applications, we are still barely scratching the surface. Today we’ll see how harnessing technology already embedded in a phone can unleash great potential. 
Shea Bennett | Mediabistro | 8/13/2014
Earlier this month we looked at data from Twitter which revealed that 14 percent of Twitter’s monthly active users (MAUs), which totalled 271 million as of its most recent earnings, used third party apps to access the service.
Frederic Lardinois | TechCrunch | 8/5/2014
While European publishers have a rather contentious relationship with Google News, U.S. publishers have no such qualms and are more than happy to be indexed by the search giant’s crawlers.
Francesca Panetta | The Guardian | 7/25/2014
Today we launched our most recent multimedia interactive to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the first world war. It’s a summary of the war, but with a global twist: stories from the outbreak of war to its aftermath are told through the voices of 10 historians from 10 different countries.
Kevin Roose | New York Magazine | 7/14/2014
Earlier this week, one of my business-beat colleagues got assigned to recap the quarterly earnings of Alcoa, the giant metals company, for the Associated Press.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOM | 6/25/2014
When Neetzan Zimmerman, the king of viral content at Gawker Media, left to join the anonymous-sharing app Whisper, I have to confess that I wasn’t really that interested — at least from a journalistic point of view.
Alastair Reid | | 6/17/2014
Social media has changed the way news organisations deliver their stories to the reader, but with networks like Twitter and Facebook an article must compete with the growing buzz of digital conversation.
Caroline O’Donovan | Nieman Journalism Lab | 6/11/2014
If you had followed BBC News India on WhatsApp on May 16, the day election results were announced after over a month of voting, you would have seen news updates in a variety of formats.
Kyle Russell | TechCrunch | 6/9/2014
At Macworld 2001, Steve Jobs famously introduced the “digital hub” strategy for the Mac, making it the device where all of the single-purpose gadgets for things like recording movies or playing music would be managed.
John McDermott | Digiday | 6/4/2014
Neetzan Zimmerman was once heralded as the Internet’s foremost viral-traffic whisperer; a one-man traffic generating machine who — by gaming Facebook and appealing to people’s primal sensibilities — accounted for more than 30 million pageviews a month last fall, approximately half of Gawker Media’s total traffic at that time.
Andrew Beaujon | Poynter | 6/3/2014
The use of mobile devices to access sports content has doubled among sports fans since 2011.
Nu Yang | 8/18/2014
Mathew Ingram | GigaOm | 8/19/2014
Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/18/2014
Nick Massella | Fishbowl DC | 8/15/2014