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Jack Murtha | CJR | 8/4/2015
Baseball insiders called it one of the sport’s strangest nights.
Roberto Baldwin | Engadget | 8/4/2015
If you're noticing a new tab at the bottom of your Twitter app for iOS and Android, you're not alone.
Joe Eskenazi | Modern Luxury | 8/4/2015
Friday was a wretched day for the San Francisco Media Company. The parent organization of SF Weekly and the San Francisco Examiner parted ways with three editorial employees (two of whom, Jessica Kwong* and Giselle Velazquez, are on the Examiner's ubiquitous BART ads), in anticipation of today's debut of new, alarmingly thin Examiners.
Joshua Benton | NiemanLab | 8/4/2015
Max Pfennighaus is executive creative director of brand and marketing at The New York Times; he was previously in a similar role at NPR.
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 8/4/2015

A political row has broken out in Scotland over the use by police of covert monitoring in order to discover a journalist’s confidential sources.


Georg Szalai | The Hollywood Reporter | 8/4/2015
More than a year after the company's spin-off from Time Warner, Joe Ripp touts "our plan to fundamentally reengineer the business" and talks about rolling out paywalls.
Tim Baysinger | Adweek | 8/4/2015
Count Mashable among those to embrace vertical video.
Michael Barthel | Pew Research Center | 8/4/2015
The past two years have seen Dean Baquet become the first black executive editor of The New York Times and Lester Holt become the first black solo anchor of a weeknight network news program.
Melissa Eddy | New York Times | 8/4/2015
Not since the reunification has Germany raised serious allegations of treason against a journalist, so it shocked many here when two leading digital rights bloggers found themselves under official investigation on that charge for publishing secret government documents.
Jordan Valinsky | Digiday | 8/4/2015
Facebook is solving FOMO with a new live events feature that debuted over the weekend at the Lollapalooza music festival.
ACLU of Missouri | 8/4/2015
Journalists Bilgin Sasmaz and Trey Yingst,  who were both arrested for recording police during two separate protests in Ferguson, will not be charged and St. Louis County will aid their efforts to have information about their arrests removed from their records.
Susannah Nesmith | CJR | 8/4/2015
A small newspaper in a chain long known for relentlessly reducing complex issues to infographics is putting resources into long narratives.
Deborah Gage | Wall Street Journal | 8/4/2015
The new money will be used for growth, including expansion of sales channels and continued development of the technology.
Adreana Young | 8/3/2015
Kim Bellware | The Huffington Post | 7/31/2015