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Press Release | The Washington Post | 9/2/2014
The Washington Post today introduces The Most, a new feature that lists the most popular stories from The Post and partner publications around the web. Readers can expect to find a mix of content on The Most, surfaced by a diverse group of readers from a variety of sites.
Chris Buckley | The New York Times | 9/2/2014
The dropping of Mr. Chin’s column comes as Occupy Central is trying to sustain public commitment to its protest plans.
John McDermott | Digiday | 9/2/2014
Ross Hoffman reveals how Twitter’s recent design changes have affected user behavior and how it’s hoping to one day take advantage of other sites embedding tweets.
Press Release | The Washington Post | 9/2/2014
Fred Ryan will become publisher and CEO on Oct. 1.
Press Release | Editor and Publisher | 9/2/2014
The deadline has been extended to midnight Friday, Sept. 12, 2014.
Tom Grubisich | Street Fight | 8/29/2014
Ten years ago, Newell Nussbaumer owned a shop in Buffalo, N.Y., selling everything from Mexican wrestling masks to leather goods made in New York City, plus locally made products.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOM | 8/29/2014
Having just written what I consider a defense of the internet’s effect on journalism and the media industry, I didn’t expect to have to do it again so soon.
Jenny Roper | PrintWeek | 8/29/2014
In total News UK installed 8,000 internal units, including newspaper display stands, fishtanks and spring-loaded retention trays, 2,000 storefront fascias and 6,000 blade signs.
Robert Feder | | 8/29/2014
A $30,000 grant from a private foundation focused on health care issues is helping defray the salary of a Chicago Tribune reporter covering Obamacare.
Angèle Christin | Nieman Journalism Lab | 8/29/2014
Online media is made of clicks.
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 8/29/2014
The Huffington Post is getting into the debate game.
Eric Blattberg | Digiday | 8/29/2014
Most publishers pushing into video try get people to their sites and then use YouTube for marketing.
BBC | 8/29/2014
News events across from distant countries can feel so far away, it is difficult to grasp their importance.
James Estrin | New York Times | 8/28/2014
Eric Blattberg | Digiday | 8/29/2014
Om Malik | | 8/29/2014
Susannah Nesmith | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/28/2014