Top Stories | 11/20/2014
The sale is expected to close in early 2015.
Amnesty International | 11/20/2014
Detekt is a free tool that scans your computer for traces of known surveillance spyware used by governments to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world.
Matthew Zeitlin | Buzzfeed | 11/20/2014
The news agency’s budget will go up 1 percent, but that’s not enough to prevent some job losses.
Jonathan Peters | CJR | 11/20/2014
Case highlights the media’s interest in monitoring how FOI laws are used
Howard Finberg | Poynter | 11/20/2014
Two-thirds of journalists report that they have received training the past 12 months.
Justin Ellis | Nieman Lab | 11/20/2014
Jennifer Preston  might be best known as the paper’s first social media editor.
Gustavo Arellano | OC Weekly | 11/20/2014
Craig Silverman | Poynter | 11/20/2014
Grupo de Diarios América bought together journalists from newspapers all over Latin America for a seminar about social media.
Joshua Benton | Nieman Lab | 11/20/2014
At least in certain contexts, WhatsApp is a truly major traffic driver — bigger even than Facebook. Should there be a WhatsApp button on your news site?
Erin Polgreen | CJR | 11/20/2014
Why newsrooms need to consider telling stories in a different way
Leslie Kaufman | New York Times | 11/20/2014
The vitriolic podcast opened a window into the competitive and sometimes incestuous group of publications that have grown up to cover Silicon Valley
Andrew Ford Lyons | PBS MediaShift | 11/20/2014
Most news organizations will have a communications plan in place for staff going on high risk assignments
Steven Mufson | Washington Post | 11/20/2014
Amazon said it hopes content from The Post will make using its tablet more appealing and bring more value to customers.