Top Stories | 7/2/2015
The new printing contract with Signature Graphics will be phased in later this summer.
Erin Griffith | Fortune | 7/2/2015

Video has taken over Facebook, with daily views on the platform growing four-fold to a whopping four billion in just a year. But until now, video creators haven’t had a way to make money on the platform.


Peggy McGlone and Amy Brittain | The Washington Post | 7/2/2015
Nearly seven years after opening a $477 million complex on a prime parcel of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Newseum floated a document saying it would consider offering an ownership stake in its building in exchange for an immediate influx of funds.
Zoë Schlanger | Newsweek | 7/2/2015
NPR is in the midst of contract negotiations with its employees’ union. In the meantime, the reporters, producers, and editors behind the company’s many shows took to Twitter on Wednesday to celebrate their colleagues’ work and support the union.
Laura Hazard Owen | NiemanLab | 7/2/2015
Netflix earned more than $5 billion in 2014. No wonder companies want to be “the Netflix of” other kinds of digital media — ebooks, magazines, music.
Ryan Felton | Detroit Metro Times | 7/2/2015
In response to a data-driven investigative report by The Detroit News on Quicken Loans' record in Detroit, the mortgage lender's founder Dan Gilbert took aim at the coverage in a WJR interview on Wednesday.
The Editorial Board | New York Times | 7/2/2015

As Myanmar heads toward national elections scheduled for November, the government of President Thein Sein is intensifying attempts to thwart the democratic aspirations of Myanmar’s people.


Jane Martinson | The Guardian | 7/2/2015
The BBC is to cut more than 1,000 jobs, mainly by slashing layers of management and squeezing back office functions such as marketing and communications.
Justin Ellis | NiemanLab | 7/2/2015
In fall 2011, Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley wrote an memo about his career, leading right up to when he bought National Journal and The Atlantic Monthly.
Michael Calderone and Dave Jamieson | Huffington Post | 7/2/2015

NEW YORK -- When reporters covered President Barack Obama’s proposal Monday night to extend overtime pay to millions of additional Americans, some, still on the clock past dinnertime, may have wondered whether they’d make the cut.


Chad Bray | New York Times | 7/2/2015
Univision Holdings, the owner of the Spanish-language cable television networks Univision and Galavisión, intends to pursue an initial public offering in the United States, according to a filing on Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Marc Herman | CJR | 7/2/2015
One evening last month, a police helicopter swooped over my neighborhood of mid-sized apartment blocks in Barcelona.
Susannah Nesmith | CJR | 7/2/2015
In 2012, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, in a show of faith in the future of local news, bought a chain of newspapers from Media General.