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Press Release | Goss | 11/25/2015

The benefits  include start-up waste lowered by anything from 20 up to 50 percent as well as significant reductions in turnaround time.

Chris Johnston, Jon Henley, Kim Willsher and Jane Martinson | The Guardian | 11/25/2015
Representatives of paper acquired video that had previously been encrypted by police and then insisted hard disk was destroyed, claims witness.
Benjamin Mullin | Poynter | 11/25/2015
The New Yorker announced its Web traffic is up 25 percent compared to the previous year.
James Estrin | The New York Times | 11/25/2015
The World Press Photo Foundation on Wednesday announced major changes to its photo contest for 2016, including a code of ethics for entrants and detailed guidelines regarding digital manipulation of images.
Bruce Livesey | National Observer | 11/25/2015
Postmedia is a national media giant with nearly 200 papers, magazines and websites. Its dailies reach 6.3 million Canadian readers every week, with some of its best-known papers. But Postmedia is also a ship taking on water, due to both self-inflicted and industry-wide wounds.
Laura Hazard Owen | Nieman Lab | 11/25/2015
“We’re doing it now with more resources and we have a lot of patience for that job.”
Mark Sullivan | Venture Beat | 11/25/2015
Google introduced its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program to allow publishers and advertisers to create good-looking mobile content that loads very quickly.
Malena Carollo | The Christian Science Monitor | 11/25/2015
Big media companies have ramped up efforts to fight the growing use of technology designed to block online ads. Here's what you need to know about why ad blockers are on the rise, and why many publishers hate them.
Josh Stearns | CJR | 11/25/2015
There’s another way to look at the connection between theater and newsrooms, which is: What can acting teach journalists?
Omar Mohammed | Quartz | 11/25/2015
M-Paper is distributing printed editions directly to readers’ phones.
Chialun Huang | WAN-IFRA | 11/25/2015
Technology to improve the challenge of scale is on the rise but certain publishers are resisting the change, worrying that it might turn native advertising into the next banner ads.
Arik Parnass | The Cauldron | 11/25/2015
Once the province of beat writers and their “exclusive access,” the sports media landscape keeps shifting.
Catalina Albeanu | | 11/25/2015
The Telegraph is the latest outlet to record a majority mobile-only audience, according to the latest report published today.