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Lucia Moses | Digiday | 11/25/2014

Technology is a part of everyday life, but how well do we really understand it? Eighty-four percent of U.S. adults may use the Internet, but their awareness and understanding of how it works varies widely.


Roy Peter Clark | Poynter | 11/25/2014
Is it possible that we have to thank the white Southern press of the 1960s – even the segregationist press – for its restraint in resisting FBI attempts to smear the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., with sexual scandal?
Scott Lewis | Voice of San Diego | 11/25/2014
In 2005 when Andrew Donohue and I took over Voice of San Diego, we settled a lot of issues. We decided, for instance, that we would only cover something if we thought we could do it better or different than anyone else.
Vince Devlin | Missoulian | 11/25/2014

POLSON – A motion to dismiss three misdemeanor charges against the editor of a local newspaper who was arrested while photographing a crash scene says Vince Lovato was taken into custody “for the sole purpose of preventing him from exercising (a) well-settled constitutional right.”


B&C Staff | 11/25/2014

The media took some hits Monday, both from tear gas canisters fired at protestors in Ferguson, Missouri and from President Barack Obama.


Bruce Brown | CJR | 11/25/2014
By now, everyone knows the feds have been handing out record numbers of subpoenas to journalists hoping to scare them into giving up their sources.
Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Lab | 11/25/2014
It was the first Saturday in November when Patrick Neelin, the lead engineer at the University of Missouri’s public radio station KBIA, got an emergency call from the station’s programming director.
Elise Hu | NPR | 11/25/2014
A big shift happened in news and information over the past few years: The people who write news and information no longer control the distribution of it. Technology companies do.
Michelle Castillo | Adweek | 11/25/2014
Our fragmented attention spans are so fickle that if something doesn't grab us in the first few seconds, we're likely to turn away.
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 11/25/2014
During October, roughly 166 million adults accessed American newspaper content on digital platforms, a 17 percent increase over the previous year
Justin Ellis | Nieman Lab | 11/25/2014
Google Contributor is the latest tool the company has designed to help readers pay for what they read online. But its previous experiments in supporting paid content have had limited success.
Press Release | Postmedia Network Inc. | 11/25/2014
The reimagined Calgary Herald now features  innovative and fully-differentiated products across its four platforms: print, web, tablet and smartphone
Marc Fisher | The Washington Post | 11/24/2014
Jose Antonio Vargas is running. He’s fresh off the red-eye from California to Dulles — his third overnight flight in as many weeks — to deliver yet another speech.
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Jeff Ward | The First Ward | 11/21/2014
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