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  • Phone: 800.457.9932, ext. 227
  • Email: mconnelly@paywaycomplete.com
  • Website: www.paywaycomplete.com


Payway®, by Edgil, is a robust, cost-effective payment solution that lets you focus on driving your business rather than being distracted by payment processing.

The Payway system is a trusted, cloud-based gateway that provides circulation and advertising systems with a single interface to all payment processors, including Visa®, MasterCard® and direct to American Express®. The Payway cloud-based service saves you money by eliminating the need for required hardware, reducing exposure from system back-ups and minimizing the need to monitor PCI compliance.

The solution offers a full suite of features that include:

  • Simple pricing with no set-up fees, tokenization storage fees or batch fees
  • Per transaction charges that are 20% below well-known competitors
  • PCI compliant certification
  • Automated Level III Processing
  • Automated Account Updater
  • hosted payment page with tokenization that reduces risk because credit card information is stored in the Payway Data Vault and not on your systems
  • seamless interface in your work environment for real-time response from any system to any credit network via the payment gateway
  • ACH payments
  • Freedom to choose your preferred merchant provider or opt for an integrated solution with Payway’s merchant services
  • Point-2-Point Encryption (P2PE) capability that reduces risk and minimizes PCI DSS compliance requirements by encrypting cardholder data at the Point of Sale or Point of Entry
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Payway is the newspaper industry’s preferred payment processing provider. We offer payment gateway and merchant account services. With Payway, you can choose one or both services, depending on your need.

Our payment gateway is integrated to most advertising and circulation systems, and the advanced features are designed to ensure that recurring payments keep running smoothly. Automated Account Updater proactively tracks down outdated credit card information for recurring payments — thereby alleviating the need for manual updates and eliminating potential rejected transactions.

While our account updater feature helps keep payments on track, our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) feature helps newspapers reduce the scope and cost of PCI-DSS compliance in their call center environments. With P2PE, you don’t ever acquire, house or manage personal data, making it easy to satisfy your system auditors.


Companies choose Payway because we provide value, advanced technology, and superior customer service, all in one complete package.

Payway provides secure, cost-effective payment processing with unparalleled customer support. Our interface is simple to use, and if a question arises, customers can pick up the phone and be connected to a friendly support staff professional that will go above and beyond to help.


Payway operates a cost-plus pricing model, which means that you only pay for what you process.

The two common pricing models are bundled pricing and cost-plus pricing. With bundled pricing, all the interchange fees and processing fees are bundled into one rate. Although a lot of merchants believe this pricing model is convenient, the problem is that a bundled rate combines everything together, making it impossible for you to know how it breaks down. Merchants, including newspapers, collectively pay millions of dollars a year in overcharged interchange.

Payway’s cost-plus pricing is more transparent because you know how it breaks down. Each interchange fee is identified, as well as the processing mark-up, so you can see exactly how your cost is calculated. We operate a cost-plus pricing model so that you can be confident you’re not being overcharged and there aren’t any fees hiding in the math.