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Top 100 Daily Newspapers in the U.S. - The top 100 Newspapers in the U.S. Ranked by total circulation. Contains company data and selected employee contact information (phone, fax, email). * 100 Included
Daily Newspapers Published in the U.S. and Canada - A comprehensive list of U.S. and Canadian daily newspapers. Including professional, business and special service newspapers. * 1,501 Included
News and Syndicate Services - News, picture and syndicate services; comic section groups and networks; newspaper-distributed magazine and total market coverage publications. * 615 Included
Daily Newspaper Groups in the U.S. and Canada - Groups of newspapers under common ownership. * 197 Included
Special Dailies and College Newspapers - Schools and departments of journalism; college and university newspapers. * 2,028 Included
Community Newspapers Published in the U.S. and Canada - A comprehensive list of U.S. and Canadian community newspapers. * 7,184 Included
U.S. and Canadian Weekly Newspaper Groups - Weekly and shopper/TMC newspaper groups in the U.S. and Canada; under common ownership newspaper-distributed magazines and TMC publications. * 381 Included
Shopper Publications Published in the U.S. and Canada - Shopper publications in the U.S. and Canada. * 1,473 Included
Niche Publications in the U.S. - Parenting publications; real estate publications; senior publications. * 226 Included
Specialty Newspapers Published in the U.S. and Canada - Alternative, African American, ethnic, gay & lesbian, hispanic, jewish, military, and religious newspapers in the U.S.; alternative and ethnic newspapers in Canada. * 1,071 Included
* Not all records have data for all fields