November 2017 – Editor & Publisher Digital Edition

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Inside this issue:


Move Over, .com, .org and .net
As the domain name system expands, what opportunities await for businesses and consumers? . . . p. 30

2017 Publisher of the Year
Jeff Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle  . . . p. 34

What’s In, What’s Out
Taking a look at the news media a year after President Trump’s presidential victory, and where it’s heading to next . . . p. 40

Going Mainstream
In search of a healthy future, alt weeklies experiment with stories and revenue strategies . . . p. 46


Industry Insight
What the news business needs from Google and Facebook . . . p. 20

Business of News
A four-step formula for covering the Trump administration . . . p. 22

Digital Publishing
Why email newsletters continue to succeed for newspapers . . . p. 24

These stories and much more inside this issue of Editor & Publisher.

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