17 MultiStacks for Johannesburg

By: Press Release | Ferag

Over recent years, Caxton & CTP has brought mailroom capacity at the Industria facility up to the state of the art, and at the same time streamlined its material logistics and production sequences. A key part of the update project has been the replacement of bundling technology with a corresponding UTR line layout. On two floors, Ferag has installed 17 new MultiStack compensating stackers.

The investment was based on solid experience. Three of these compensating stackers began production around three years ago and were able to stand up to extreme stresses over extended periods of production. In Cape Town, the EasySert inserting method has been up and running on two inserting lines since the summer of 2010. There, too, bundle production is secured using MultiStack technology.

The printing house in Industria near Johannesburg is the main centre of the group, which runs production in South Africa at a total of nine locations. According to company records, Caxton & CTP produces 103 different titles with an annual volume of 540 million copies in Johannesburg alone. One of these products is The Citizen, the publisher’s own daily newspaper, along with further daily and weekly newspapers, three Sunday newspapers, 46 local titles produced under contract for external partners, as well as several advertising titles.

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