3D Issue Adds Membership Module to Digital Edition App

By: E&P Staff

Software developer 3D Issue, Donegal, Ireland, will launch a new module for its digital edition application that will allow publishers to restrict access to their digital magazines using a login and registration system.

The membership component plugs into some 40 payment-processing solutions, according to 3D Issue CEO Paul McNulty, and includes features that let publishers create different member access levels, specify prices for membership to different magazines, and create different packages, notify end users of special offers, and notify the sales rep when an advertiser logs in. Publishers also may gather user statistics and monitor their interaction with the edition.

The membership component will come bundled with the software beginning at the end of October, McNulty says.

3D Issue is a Windows-based solution that publishers use in-house to convert print publications into searchable digital editions. Unlike “a digital magazine provider,” says McNulty, 3D Issue sells the software directly to publishers, who use it to create interactive digital editions themselves — a cost-effective alternative, particularly for smaller publishers.

The conversion tool automates the process of turning a press-ready publication into a searchable digital edition, and includes tools to create pageflip animation, zooming, secure online printing, dynamic loading, hyperlinks, keyword search, blogging, as well as video and audio progressive streaming.

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