Aquafadas Takes Off With New Digital Publishing System Release Version 3.0

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Montpellier, France — July 11, 2013 – Aquafadas, innovative developer of digital publishing solutions, today announced the release of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0, providing an even easier way to publish digital content across multiple platforms. In addition to iOS, the upgraded Aquafadas solution now lets publishers create interactive and graphics-rich content that can be published straight to the web, Android OS, Kobo’s Arc tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The launch of Aquafadas Digital Publishing V3.0 coincides with the company’s brand new web store, which offers an easy-to-navigate shopping experience and speedy checkout system. Publishers can quickly browse through their digital publishing options and can benefit from attractive discounted packages when choosing to publish to two or more platforms.
“We are thrilled to now offer the ability to export one single digital document to iOS, Kobo’s tablets, Android, Web and Kindle Fire,” says Claudia Zimmer, CEO of Aquafadas. “With millions of readers using tablets other than the iPad, it’s vital that our customers can use the Digital Publishing System to reach all platforms. Plus, the new online publication process will save time and money for our publishers.”

Cover Your Digital Bases With Web Export
Digital publications can now be embedded into a web reader and inserted directly onto a website thanks to the new Web Export option available for the first time. Users can now create highly enriched digital content and publish everywhere. Whether their readers are using an App for tablets and smartphones or a web-reader on a website, publishers can provide them with a complete digital experience. All this is done without writing one line of code.

Drag and Drop Your Way Into Android
Another important addition to the Digital Publishing System 3.0 is the AVE AppFactory for Android. Anyone can now create an App to publish on Android App stores like Google Play or the Amazon App Store. Users, even with no particular development background or App experience, simply choose a template and customize the App by dragging and dropping the desired content. With AVE AppFactory for iOS already in the Aquafadas digital publishing arsenal, publishers can now offer readers magazines, books and more on tablets on even more shapes and sizes.

Go Kobo
Gaining over 20% of the fast-growing eBook market, Kobo continues to grow readership at an impressive rate. Publishers need to distribute to the Kobo ecosystem and the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0 allows just that. Aquafadas developers worked closely with Kobo to guarantee the highest quality exports optimized for their tablets.

This Publishing System is on Fire…Kindle Fire, That Is!
Adding to the many new outlets for publishing, Aquafadas also now offers Kindle Fire 8 (KF8) export to its Digital Publishing System, enabling publishers to push content to the Amazon Kindle Fire. With millions of readers using the Kindle Fire every day, publishers will have yet another way to deliver great content to their readers.

Get More for Your Money: A Cohesive Shopping Experience Plus Discount Packages
Aquafadas’ brand new online store offers publishers a seamless shopping experience, allowing them to quickly purchase publishing solutions so they can get right to the fun part: digital content creation. Users can easily find pricing and detailed descriptions to help them choose which solution is the best fit for their publishing needs. This cohesive shopping experience also allows digital publishers to maximize their projects and get more bang for their buck with special bundle pricing. Bundles include the application and publishing licenses, giving publishers great deals when publishing content on two or more platforms.Discounts include 50% off when publishing on two platforms and 75% off when publishing on three platforms.

About the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System
The Aquafadas’ Digital Publishing System covers all aspects of digital publishing from content design and App creation to distribution. It combines the most advanced tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use Apps, ePub3 export, as well as a new Web reader. The digital publishing platform also provides powerful marketing tools, including the ability to integrate advertising campaigns and offer one-click in-App purchases. Sales analysis and reader behavior, now a crucial part of digital publishing, can be easily done seamlessly using analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

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