Astrologer Joyce Jillson Dies at 58

By: Dave Astor

Astrologer Joyce Jillson died Oct. 1 in Los Angeles of complications from kidney failure. She was 58.

Her column was distributed to nearly 200 newspapers by Creators Syndicate. She also authored eight books on astrology, as well as humor books including “Real Women Don’t Pump Gas” and “The Fine Art of Flirting.”

Among the people who received astrological advice from Jillson were Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, corporate executives, and politicians. During the 1980s, Jillson said she provided horoscopes for President Reagan and his wife Nancy; the White House denied it.

Jillson began her career as a stage actress and later did TV work. She played Jill Smith on “Peyton Place” for two years, guested on “Columbo,” hosted “The Joyce Jillson Show,” and appeared on “Good Morning America” and various other programs.

“Joyce had an incredibly personal touch to her horoscope column,” Creators President Richard Newcombe said in a statement. “Her readers felt they knew her — this was obvious from the personal tone of their letters to her and from the confidences they shared with her.”

Newcombe added that Holiday Mathis, who had worked with Jillson since 1991, will continue the column under the name of “Horoscopes by Holiday.” Mathis is also a songwriter, children’s book author, and screenwriter.

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