Colombia’s ‘Marca’ Creates World’s First Sports Newspaper Franchise

By: Press Release | Protecmedia

Marca, the most-read sports newspaper in Spain and one of the most prestigious in the Spanish language, has hit the newsstands of Colombia, taking its first steps in the American continent. To this end, it has created the first franchise for a sports newspaper in the world, taking advantage of the great interest in this region in sport in general, and Spanish sport in particular.

Like its Spanish counterpart, the newspaper belongs to the Unidad Editorial group, and uses the MILENIUM editorial platform to produce its new Colombian edition, which ensures that it has a tool which is already known for its reliability and ability to cover all of a newspaper’s production processes.

Marca Colombia will offer each day between 32 and 40 pages which will include both its own content and that shared with the Spanish edition. Thanks to the integration which is made possible by MILENIUM and the single work interface for professionals of both editions, the Colombian version will be able to share contents of the Spanish edition in a simple and straightforward manner, thus basing itself on the most interesting and relevant news items, both Spanish and international.

The initial circulation of Marca Colombia will be 60,000 copies, to be distributed throughout the main cities in the country, such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Cartagena.

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