Connecting Publishers with Content

By: Nu Yang

Connecting Publishers with Content

News Headquarters (NewsHQ) wants to connect publishers with brands to create stories and new revenue streams. Based in Philadelphia, NewsHQ is a subsidiary of, a news media platform that enables brands to release their news directly to the media, eliminating the press release and public relations middlemen. The platform launched in March and can be found at

Vice president, publishing platform Myles Fuchs has been working with newspapers for 15 years and said he understands the kind of challenges publishers face when it comes to providing trending and engaging content.

When publishers partner with NewsHQ, Fuchs said they are connected with local and national brands from various sectors, such as entertainment, travel, politics and finance. Fuchs explained that NewsHQ provide publishers with well-researched pitches. Once a publisher decides to accept and publish the story, they will receive a payment through a revenue sharing model. NewsHQ can also provide specific articles on certain topics if requested by a publisher.

Fuchs explained NewsHQ does not allow advertorial or native advertising in its content. He said publishers have full editorial control; they can choose whether or not to publish stories, they can rewrite the stories, and they do not need to include hyperlink in the articles. According to Fuchs, 95 percent of articles submitted end up being published.

“The idea is to place story ideas in front of publishers and editors and show them the potential to generate a recurring revenue stream,” Fuchs said.

As a relativity new company, Fuchs said he has plans to launch a software-as-a-service model with NewsHQ. He also wants to build a robust partner platform. Although daily newspapers are more attractive to clients, Fuchs said NewsHQ can also work for major weeklies and community papers.

“My solution is content plus revenue,” he said. “It’s funding the editorial.

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