Critical Mass Drives Business Opportunities, New Brand and Web Presence at NDX

By: Press Release | NDX

Chesterfield, Missouri (April 11, 2013)—In response to increased demand for actionable data by advertisers, media agencies and newspaper publishers, NDX has announced major advancements in its data authority, client products and market presence.

In January, 2013, NDX reached a critical milestone in their database of publisher and newspaper information, with 95% U.S. market coverage, over 100 million U.S. households reached and more than a quarter of a billion print impressions per week. The largest and most current database of its kind, NDX’s Source database provides the advertising industry with the most accurate data available through a single source in a standardized format, all made possible through alliances with major publishing houses of the U.S. newspaper industry.

With this critical mass of data, client usage and demand has seen sharp growth. After gathering market research and feedback from the increasing number of users of Snapshot, the proprietary tool used by advertisers to access the Source database, NDX has launched an entirely redesigned web portal,, with client accessibility features, news and thought leadership. Their product line has a redesigned client interface and new features as well, such as publisher enterprise reporting tools.

“Through our relationships with major retailers and media agencies across the country, we have been able to help change the way multi—market advertising campaigns are planned and purchased,”said Mark Hawley, Co— Founder and CEO of NDX. “ow, with the launch of our new website and the changes to our client interface, we can better share the knowledge we’e developed and create more opportunities for the advertising and publishing industries.”

The company has adapted its marketplace brand to reflect their unique position. NDX now solidifies their role as the emissary of advertising buyers and sellers, promoting their role of “ringing Advertisers and Publishers together, through a single Source of knowledge,”a nod to their proprietary data systems.

“No matter the industry, or its stage of development, the need for actionable data to be successful has never changed. What has changed, dramatically, is how profitable companies manage, maintain and use that data,”said Michael Lombardo, NDX Co—Founder and President. “y responding to these changes and the increased demand, NDX is positioned to be at the forefront of product development, breakthrough technologies and data analytics for the advertising and publishing industries.”

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