Daily Newspapers – Across All of their Platforms – Have More Readers than Ever Before

By: Press Release | Nadbank

In a world where news and entertainment are available everywhere, 15.9 million adults read a daily newspaper every week. Daily newspapers continue to play an important role in Canadians’ lives. They have maintained their market position on the strength of the brands they have built up over the years in print and more recently on the Internet. Newspapers have been proactive in the last ten years developing digital platforms for their readers and it is clear that their efforts have paid off. One-third of Canadian adults access daily newspapers via the Internet each week.

Nadbank readership results confirm that Canadians are able to connect with their newspapers anytime, anywhere in print, or on a computer or mobile device. Every day, in the markets that have access to daily newspapers, 8.7 million adults read a printed newspaper, and 3.4 million read a newspaper online for a daily total of 10.6 million readers, 51% of adults in those markets.

Nearly eight in ten Canadian adults read a daily newspaper each week; 14.2 million in print and 6.7 million online.

Changes in how daily newspapers provide their content have allowed readers to choose newspapers throughout the day. The duplication across platforms on the average weekday demonstrates that readers are accessing newspaper content a number of times throughout the day on different platforms. Despite the growth in online readership, the printed edition continues to reign as the preferred format: on a daily basis 80% of readership is to the printed edition; weekly 89% of readership is to printed newspaper.
Smartphones and tablets have changed how everyone consumes everything, including newspapers. Over the past two studies, NADbank has shown that for those reading newspapers online, mobile-only access to newspapers has grown to 18%. Readers using both personal computers and mobile devices have increased to 25%. Personal computers continue to be the primary device for accessing newswith57% of online readers reading on their P.C’s each week.

Today’s release of the 2012 Readership Results Study provides members with access to newspaper readership results for 83 Canadian newspapers and 2 Detroit newspapers in 52 markets across Canada. Readership information is also available for 63 community newspapers in 28 markets. The survey covers the readership habits of 72% of Canadian adults.  

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