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Since 2009, SocialFlow has helped brands optimize their social marketing strategies. Over recent years, the New York-based company has partnered with several publishers such as The New York Times, The Guardian and Washington Post to publish their social media content. According to the company’s website (socialflow.com), SocialFlow offers an algorithm that “shifts through, analyzes and develops predictive insights in real time.”

“Publishers have a lot of content,” said SocialFlow chief executive officer Jim Anderson. “What we saw years ago was publishers taking the web version of their stories and putting it on Facebook. When Facebook changed its timeline in 2012, it changed how people navigated Facebook. Now, it’s being used as a newsfeed on a mobile device.”

By partnering with SocialFlow, Anderson said it’s a smarter way for publishers to distribute their content on social media. For example, the New York Times may send out 80 to 100 tweets a day, but how does it know what story to tweet and when? Using SocialFlow’s data technology lets publishers make those decisions.

SocialFlow algorithms monitor user behavior in real time and releases pre-approved messages when users are most likely to see them. By tying into the publication’s CMS, it feeds into the system and tracks user engagement and content performance.

SocialFlow can also tell how many people have clicked on a story link. Anderson said publishers can realize clicks increases between 50 to 100 percent. Case studies show that the Washington Post’s reader engagement increased 22 percent while the Financial Times saw an engagement increase of 30 percent.

Saving time is also another benefit for publishers. “Your social media manager might have to send out 30 tweets or post on Facebook 30 times a day in addition to their other responsibilities…our algorithm will outperform the human,” Anderson said. “You’ll see better results in less time.”

SocialFlow also provides revenue opportunities through paid sponsorships. It solves a problem for marketers as well. “For marketers, their biggest challenge is content creation,” Anderson said. “Publishers need money, they have the content. Marketers need content, they have the money…this provides a great opportunity.”

SocialFlow has also partnered with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, which lets them access technical and business support contacts on behalf of customers.

Moving forward, Anderson said he wants to reach out to smaller community papers to join SocialFlows’ group of 15 newspaper clients. He said these potential papers need to have a social media presence already in place and content ready to go.

With the rapid consumption of social media, Anderson said quality will continue to matter. “As more and more content gets added in a feed, how can (users) get access to good content? Optimization will get it out at the right time.

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