Harland Simon’s 1st Order in Paraguay

By: Press Release | Harland Simon

Harland Simon has secured another order in South America, this time upgrading MEG D500 reelstands at Editorial AZETA in Asuncion, Paraguay.

With the current reelstand tension system, control is achieved via a pneumatic control system.  Whereas, after the upgrade by Harland Simon, tension will be controlled via the PLC, making it more reliable and accurate, while removing the high maintenance of the pneumatic system.  The new controls will be digital and fine tuning of settings like waste left on reel or tail length can be readily adjusted by changing a parameter in the PLC.  

The MEG D500 reelstand controls upgrade offers the following key benefits –

  • Reduces waste on splices and on the core
  • Replaces obsolete electronics and sequencing equipment in the paster panels with an industry standard PLC
  • Replaces existing solenoid valves
  • Replaces pneumatic system on the swinging arm  

The principles of the project are replacement of obsolete Static Paster Controls currently using relay sequencing technology with a modern PLC based system. Harland Simon will once again be using Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLCs all with built in RSLogix 5000 diagnostic software. In addition, all diagnostic software will be available at the Harland Simon supplied maintenance PC, thus streamlining fault finding procedures and allowing for remote diagnostic and support via a VPN line.
Marcial Sánchez, Editorial AZETA’s Gerente de Producción (Production Manager) commented, “The proper functioning of the splicers is crucial for the optimal performance of the production process. We need to reduce waste by breaks in the splice, the remaining of paper on the core minimum and always the same, that the belt tension is uniform during all the run thus achieving a stable printing quality during all the run.  We have taken the decision to work with Harland Simon to achieve these objectives.”

The solution will be delivered and installed around existing production without any disruption to the Editorial AZETA’s operations and is based on techniques that have been successfully developed for the replacement of many systems originally supplied by Goss, Harris, Rockwell Automation, manroland and Honeywell over the past 15 years.

John Staiano, Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon, further commented, “This project was coordinated with our local agent in the region, Pablo Aguirre; couple this with our extensive knowledge of controls [both reelstand and full press controls] plus our first order in Paraguay, makes this an exciting time for Harland Simon.”

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