Harland Simon to Upgrade the Aurosys Roll Handling System at the Des Moines Register

By: Press Release | Harland Simon

Des Moines Register has awarded Harland Simon an additional project.  In late May 2013, the Harland Simon press control system upgrade went live for all production at Des Moines Register, in mid June 2013 Harland Simon began the reelstand control upgrade; to complete the process in the reel room, Harland Simon has once again been selected by Des Moines Register to upgrade their roll handling system [Aurosys], the work is to begin in August 2013.            

Harland Simon will be supplying two new rack mounted servers with Microsoft Server operating system and two new client PCs. Furthermore, as part of the project, Harland Simon will be replacing the obsolete HMIs at the AUROcut and AUROroll stations with Siemens off-the-shelf hardware, along with replacing the scanners at the AUROcut station.                         

Harland Simon will work jointly with ECKELMANN AG on this project.  ECKELMANN AG will be responsible for the porting of the existing AUROSYS calibration and setting onto the servers & client PCs and porting the database to a new server environment. The new system, now called E-Mat, will enable Des Moines to not only continue with their current processes on a supportable hardware platform; in addition, allowing increased monitoring and data collection.

John Staiano Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon commented, “We will be using standard off-the-shelf hardware and ‘no disruption to production’ philosophy, as we do for all of our projects, to make this a success.”

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