Henry: Print Still a Strong Revenue Generator

By: Jason Schwartz | Boston Daily

Our story this month on John Henry takes a deep dive look at his decision to buy the Boston Globe and his quest to save journalism. Though Henry declined to be interviewed in person for the piece, he did agree to exchange emails. For years, the Red Sox owner has been a notorious late night emailer—“He sleeps odd hours. It is not unusual for me to get emails at one, two, three in the morning,” Globe editor Brian McGrory told me. Now I know the feeling. We corresponded between mid-January and early February, with him answering nearly all of my questions, often at length.

We’ve gathered all those responses here, presented more or less in the order he gave them (in a few cases where it made sense, we grouped follow-ups with the original question). Also, because we all sound a little different when typing with our thumbs, it’s worth pointing out that, in a few cases, Henry was replying from his iPad or smartphone. (BTW, he seems hip to the kids’ lingo.)

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