MediaSpan Releases AdManagerPro 5.6 and ProductionManagerPro 5.5

By: Press Release | MediaSpan

 MediaSpan announced today the latest releases of its versatile and powerful AdManagerPro advertising content management solution, and industry leading production management system, ProductionManagerPro.

With numerous consolidation-centric enhancements, key features of AdManagerPro 5.6 include:

  • Aggregate reporting  -  Aging, Period-to-Date Revenue, Reconciliation, and Sales aggregate reports gather data from multiple databases and produce a single report. This new feature allows corporate financial officers to view key sales data points across the company and compare and contrast the performance of different business units.
  • ClassFlow color ad backgrounds and updated Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress support  – The Classifications setup screen’s new color picker allows for setting a color to display on ad backgrounds when flowing ads with ClassFlow. ClassFlow supports InDesign CS6 and QuarkXPress 9.5 for classified advertising pagination.
  • Payment Processing via Edgil services –  MediaSpan now supports the Edgil tokenization services in addition to and PayPal.
  • Enhanced filtering options  – MediaSpan now allows for the creation of regions consisting of selected publications. When scheduling an ad, ad takers can select a region to filter the list of publications for the selected region. The Create Batch and Batch Management screens now have a Business Unit pop-up for filtering items by business unit. The pop-up defaults to the user’s default business unit, if one has been assigned.

 Key features of ProductionManagerPro 5.5 include:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment – For sites looking for a cloud-based production model, ProductionManagerPro provides support to track and manage ad orders and assets, all from any location that has internet access.
  •  Updated Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress support  – ProductionManagerPro supports InDesign CS6 and QuarkXPress 9.5 for both ad creation and layout.

 MediaSpan is the leading provider of proven mission-critical content management and workflow solutions for the web publishing, magazine, and newspaper markets. With more than 1,200 customers, AdManagerPro is the most popular ad-management solution on the market today. AdManagerPro streamlines and simplifies the advertising process by integrating multiple ad management functions into one easy-to-use toolset.

ProductionManagerPro is an ad-tracking and workflow system designed to work the way ad builders work. It keeps the focus of ad building on streamlining processes, tracking components and meeting deadlines.

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