‘Newark Star-Ledger’ Selects ReserveAdBoss From SCS for Advertising Reservation System

By: Press Release | Software Consulting Services

In an era when newspapers are looking increasingly at cost-efficiencies and ways to reduce, ReserveAdBoss brings an even more important feature – it generates revenue. 

Advertising representatives at the biggest newspaper in New Jersey have a new arrow in their quiver that is helping them hit the bulls-eye on sales more often by putting the target right in the hands of the customer. 

ReserveAdBoss™, the newest layout designware from Software Consulting Services, LLC lets advertisers pick the page and position of their ads days or weeks (and sometimes even months) in advance. Ad reps at the Star-Ledger in Newark have found ReserveAdBoss (RAB) to be particularly effective in selling the premium space available on zoned pages or strip ads on the bottom of section fronts. 

“Because the space is limited, they can create demand by showing the advertisers that, for instance, maybe only 50 percent of the page is still available,” said SCS VP of Operations Kurt Jackson. “The idea is that now they can go out and show the actual available inventory to an advertiser.” 

Accessible from any device capable of running a web browser – including PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones – RAB gives the sales staff a visual representation of the available position inventory. Specific publications, premium pages, zones and date spans are just a few ways to view and filter the available inventory.                             

John Margotti, Production Systems Manager at the Star-Ledger, praised RAB’s flexibility. “It became a totally different product from the time we installed it till we went live. It’s totally customized,” he said. “It’s not only customized for our work flow but the features we added can be used anywhere.” 

In addition to its benefits in the field, RAB has also helped reduce the time and labor involved in mapping out the complex advance ad calendars, Margotti said. 

“It was a very labor-intensive process that required spreadsheets and several calls between the ad reps and the layout people,” he explains. “This has eliminated all of that. Now the sales people can place the ad directly and it eliminates a lot of human error.” 

“One of the signs of success for me is that (I ask myself), if ReserveAdBoss went away would I be upset?” said Star-Ledger Retail Advertising Manager Olga Johnson. “My answer would be ‘absolutely.’ 

About SCS:
Founded in 1975, Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS), located in Nazareth, PA, is committed to providing publications worldwide with enterprise publishing solutions.  SCS’s newsroom systems integrate reporting, editing, pagination and archiving.  SCS’s advertising and business systems unite sales, design, production, pagination, accounting, archiving and newsprint inventory.  More than 300 publishing sites in the U.S. and abroad use SCS software every day.  For more information, visit the SCS web site at www.newspapersystems.com.  

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