Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc. and Mark Roggen of Roggen Management Consultants Join Forces

By: Press Release | Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc.

Towson, MD USA – April 29, 2013 – Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc. (PCF) announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Mark Roggen of Roggen Management Consultants, Inc. to complement the current range of logistics solutions they offer to the print media industry.

Working together, these two companies provide comprehensive resources supporting the industry with world class delivery services, sophisticated cloud-based technology solutions, and demonstrated distribution consulting expertise.

This timely alliance specifically addresses the recognized logistic needs of today’s newspaper publishers who are seeking ways to reduce their distribution costs, while simultaneously adding new revenue streams through delivery of multiple products on variable frequencies within their local markets.

Kevin Daly, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at PCF said, “Mark Roggen is a highly respected and recognized logistics expert for the newspaper industry. His depth of knowledge and experience in the industry enhance the solutions we offer, and we look forward to a great partnership.”

About Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc.
Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc. (PCF) has been serving the needs of the print media industry for over 25 years, helping publishers and circulation executives reduce costs, expand or maintain their delivery footprint, and stabilize service to improve subscriber retention. PCF has the expertise and varied delivery, technology and consulting solutions needed to make print distribution efficient, profitable, and viable for the long term.

About Roggen Management Consultants, Inc.
Roggen Management Consultants provides unique expertise in distribution logistics for newspapers including evaluating and improving Company and leased fleet operations, setting up distribution centers, optimizing on-time delivery and preprint zoning accuracy; as well as developing customized fee formulas for compensation of Newspaper Carriers, Distributors and Haulers.

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