Quad/Tech Ends Lawsuit With Print2Finish

By: Press Release | Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, 18 September 2012 – Q.I. Press Controls is pleased that Quad/Tech has publicly announced in a press release that it will no longer pursue its patent infringement claim against Q.I. in the case titled Quad/Tech, Inc. v. Q.I. Press Controls, B.V., et. al. (E.D. Pa. 09-cv-2561).   

Quad/Tech first filed its infringement case in 2009. From the beginning, Quad/Tech claimed that the mRC registration control product Q.I. sold in the United States infringed a Quad/Tech patent. From the beginning, Q.I. has vigorously defended itself in court and maintained that Quad/Tech’s claims have no merit. Q.I. won the first round in the patent infringement case in the Court’s written opinion of April 1, 2010, which was upheld on appeal.  The Court’s opinion can be found at 701 F. Supp. 2d 644.   

Quad/Tech’s public announcement that it will no longer pursue this claim is, therefore, a step in the right direction. Quad/Tech made its announcement while Q.I.’s and Print2Finish’s Motion for Summary Judgment is pending. That Motion, which Q.I. and Print2Finish filed in May, seeks to dismiss all of Quad/Tech’s claims, including the patent infringement claim Quad/Tech has now decided not to pursue. Q.I. is hopeful that the Court will grant the Motion in its entirety and dismiss all of Quad/Tech’s claims sometime in the near future.   

About Q.I. Press Controls:
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