Survey: People Go Online to Socialize, Not Shop

By: E&P Staff

More people are going online to socialize rather than conduct business or shop, according to a new survey from public relations firm Ruder Finn. Eight out of 10 Internet users are hitting social networking places like Facebook and Twitter — double the amount of people who turn to the Web to shop (31%) or to do business (39%).

Ruder Finn unveiled the new survey, titled the Intent Index, on Monday.

“The Intent Index shows a congruency and similarity among Internet users regardless of traditional demographics,” Marty McGough, director of Ruder Finn Insights, said in a statement. “This marks a real paradigm shift in how we use online communications tools.”

The index also found that 72% of people go online to be part of a community and that seniors and going online for the same reasons as younger visitors.

Forty one percent of respondents said they go to the Internet to connect to a social networking site, while 34% said they go to the Web to post a comment.

Also, women tend to comment more than men. The survey found that 55% of women go online to find “venues for personal expression” compared to 43% of men.

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