The Big Question: What is the Future of Online Journalism?

By: Harry Lambert | Wired

Luke Lewis, Editor, BuzzFeed UK
“Thanks to a slew of new entrants, the future of journalism online looks competitive, high quality and well funded. Not long ago, many people thought of digital news as a race to the bottom: we’d end up with nothing but SEO-driven gossip and multi-page galleries. Now, as page views recede as a key metric, quality is back. I think we’re entering a new golden age. Companies like BuzzFeed and Vice have figured out how to make ad-funded journalism work financially, enabling us to hire reporters all around the world. There’s also a new wave of publishers, such as Vox, who place technology front and centre, and think of content as not just words on a page but a product that can be fine-tuned and optimised.”

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