The Nation Wins December Sidney for Walmart Strike Coverage

By: Press Release | Sydney Hillman Foundation

NEW YORK: The Sidney Hillman Foundation announced today that Josh Eidelson of The Nation has won the December Sidney Award for his coverage of the historic Black Friday strike at Walmart and the ongoing strike wave moving through Walmart’s supply chain.  

Drawing on historical perspective, on-the-ground reporting, and interviews with organizers, labor leaders, academics, and workers, Eidelson-a former organizer himself-broke news and shaped the debate about why workers at the nation’s largest and most anti-union retailer are striking, what the strikes mean, and what could happen next.  

“To succeed in the long term, I think the current campaign will have to double down on two of its strengths: organizing throughout Walmart’s supply chain, and fostering shopfloor organizing and leadership development in individual stores,” Eidelson said in an interview following his award.  “I’ll have more on this in next week’s issue of The Nation.”  

Eidelson was the first to report the arrest of an ex-Walmart worker organizing at his store and a scripted mandatory meeting held by Walmart managers to discourage striking.  He also was the first to share photos showing Walmart goods at the site of the tragic factory fire in Bangladesh.  Perhaps most important, Eidelson highlighted the voices of Walmart workers in his coverage.

Eidelson is a contributing writer at The Nation, Salon, and In These Times. After receiving his MA in Political Science from Yale, he spent five years as a union organizer in California and Pennsylvania.

Get The Backstory,our Q&A with Josh Eidelson to find out more about the protests and what’s next for Our WalMart.

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