The Newspaper ABC Modernises its Editorial System by Implementing MILENIUM

By: Press Release | Protecmedia

ABC newspaper, the oldest and one of the most prestigious newspapers in Spain, has decided to carry out an overhaul of its editorial system, in order to modernise its structures and attain a more efficient convergent newsroom, capable of making the most of the synergies between the different sections. For this reason it has chosen MILENIUM, given its capacity to integrate all workflows through the use of a single interface for all professionals.

In this way, ABC prepares and manages its editorial contents for any medium in a quick and streamlined manner, avoiding intermediate processes which may give rise to errors and without having to duplicate tasks unnecessarily. This is so because all of those participating in the process use the same work interface, which massively simplifies their work and standardises all of the procedures required.

With MILENIUM, ABC is technologically prepared to deal with any challenge which may arise in the sector. Similarly, MILENIUM makes it possible to be present on all media with the maximum technological guarantees, maintaining the high quality of its news contents.

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