The Washington Post Announces “The Washington Post News Media Services”

By: Press Release | The Washington Post

WASHINGTON—April 2, 2012—The Washington Post today announced “The Washington Post News Media Services,” a resource for worldwide content syndication that combines The Washington Post Writers Group’s high-profile syndicated columnists and cartoonists with in-depth news reporting from The Washington Post and Bloomberg News. The new organization will now also include content from The Washington Post Company-owned Slate, The Root and Foreign Policy.

“By combining The Washington Post Writers Group and The Post’s news service with Bloomberg News, we have created a formidable lineup of award-wining columnists and content for publications around the world, both in print and online,” said Katharine Weymouth, Publisher of The Washington Post.
Alan Shearer, Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director of the new venture, adds, “With the addition of Slate, The Root and Foreign Policy, The Washington Post News Media Services provides an even greater array of content to any publication looking to enhance its coverage.  We offer unmatched political news from The Post, premiere business news from Bloomberg News, in-depth world news and analysis from Foreign Policy, new-generation reporting from Slate and articles featuring African-American perspectives from The Root.”
Today WPNMS serves more than 1,200 publications with nearly 4,500 pieces of business on a contract basis.  
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zane binder
Why don’t you do an in-depth story about the news media being at least 90 percent liberal? I worked in many newsrooms and overheard many, many comments about how if a conservative snuck onto a newspaper they would be the first ones to report him and get him kicked out? You need to do this … if you are HONEST.

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