Arkitex Eversify Helps Publishers Produce Mobile Newspapers

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By: Nu Yang

Arkitex Eversify Helps Publishers Produce Mobile Newspapers

For publishers who want to bring their news to mobile devices, :Arkitex Eversify may be the solution. Developed by Agfa Graphics, the software-as-a-service product captures content from any content system and creates an issue that can be viewed on any mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones.

“This is the direction where, not just newspapers but media in general is moving,” said Agfa Graphics newspaper software marketing manager Jeff Cord.

Agfa is known for its wide range of prepress solutions, and Cord said the company is now bringing its expertise to mobile publishing.

According to Agfa, Eversify allows publishers to create their own identity in the application, or they can make the template look and feel just like a traditional newspaper. “It’s based on the type of experience they want to provide to their readers,” Cord said.

Using HTML 5, Eversify automates the workflow for publishing newspaper content, delivering items such as images, audio, video, and animation to digital platforms.

Cord said Eversify automatically pushes the content to the platform, aiding publishers in what content to gather and how to gather that content.

“As newspapers evolve, where they get their content evolves also,” he said. Cord said Eversify is also flexible enough for publishers to use with different workflows and is compatible with multiple data sources. It operates on a cloud system, and there is no software to download. Eversify also integrates with the publisher’s subscription system and helps with subscription authentication. It includes monetization to app stores, eliminating the need to go through Apple.

For a publication’s readership, Cord said Eversify provides the type of experience they are looking for, no matter what the device. “Most (publishers) provide a replica, a PDF that comes with the built-in limitations of the printing press,” he said. On the other hand, Eversify features integration with social media and allows readers to quickly locate content based on keywords and allows readers to easily navigate through the content.

Cord said advertisers also benefit from Eversify, which provides data and analytics on particular readers, showing what place and time of day they visited.

The daily newspaper Sächsische Zeitung in Dresden, Germany, started working with Eversify a year ago with a focus on internal production. Cord said the publication is currently rolling out the application to its readers.

“Their focus is on iPads,” he said. “They made an arrangement with an Apple reseller to bundle a digital subscription with a tablet, combining mobile and print. If a reader signs up for a minimum of two years, they get an iPad as part of their bundle.”

Cord said there are still a lot of unknowns with mobile publishing, but he sees more customized advertising in the future. “In the print world, advertisers would just run two versions of an ad, but with Eversify, advertisers can have a number of different versions share a position.”

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