Artist Gives Old Newspapers New Life

By: Kristina Ackermann

Artist Gives Old Newspapers New Life

An artist in Israel uses old newspaper to create beautiful new works of art.

Liat Yaniv’s creative use of newspaper as a medium stemmed from her days as an art student in Denmark, when limited funds drove her to seek free materials to work with. Her website,, showcases pictures, a book, and even three-dimensional dolls crafted with cut-up sections of newsprint.

Yaniv is a self-described “paper worker” who has lived quite the multicultural life — educated mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, supplemented by travel through Japan, Alaska, and Denmark.

The dolls are some of her most idiosyncratic work. Yaniv builds each doll using rings of paper and glue, waiting for each ring to dry before adding the next — a process that takes several weeks to complete. She has been clipping and saving colored pages of newspapers for the past nine years.

On her blog, Yaniv writes, “Did you know that pink is the most rare color in the newspaper? My dream is to find a whole pink page in the newspaper dedicated with love only to me.”

Someone get this girl a subscription to the Financial Times.

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