Celebrity Scoop

Celebrity Scoop

When budget cuts, shrinking staffs and digital shifts began plaguing newsrooms, the entertainment section may have been one of the first things to go for many newspapers. But NTVB Media, a publisher of television entertainment content and listings magazines, believes entertainment should still be part of newspaper offerings. That’s why the media company offers newspaper publishers that partner with them a package they can’t refuse—free content.

NTVB Media gives newspaper publishers entertainment content and digital widgets for their websites at no cost. Through an entertainment partnership, newspapers only need to run an ad for NTVB Media, and publishers can even offer readers a discount on NTVB Media’s entertainment magazines and guides.

Michael Keever, NTVB Media senior vice president and chief marketing officer

“We bring the entire world of TV to people,” said Michael Keever, senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “We’ve got all of this amazing content, writers with access to celebrities, retro content and movie reviews. We thought, ‘Let’s bring this to all of our newspaper partners for free. You can have this for free every week for your website or in print.’”

Currently, the company has 1,067 newspaper partners including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Times, and The Denver Post. Among their selections, NTVB Media owns TV Weekly, TV Weekly Lite, Channel Guide Magazine, DISH Entertainment Magazine, VIEW! Magazine, allowing them access to entertainment writers and exclusive content.

They’ve launched a retro magazine dedicated to 1940s through 1980s themed content, offer puzzles, comics and celebrity news; and with their recent acquisition of TV Guide and tvinsider.com, NTVB Media’s readership will increase to 20 million, propelling themselves as a leading publisher of entertainment content, Keever said

In addition to offering printed content, NTVB Media recently launched TV Nut, an online widget publishers can utilize on their websites. TV Nut lists the top six to eight TV shows, movies and sports that will be broadcast that night.

“Everything we do relates back to newspapers,” Keever said. “Let’s make people come to newspapers like they used to. (We want to) allow (newspapers) to be a one stop shop for everything.”

Keever said NTVB Media will continue to look for more opportunities that will help benefit their publishing partners.

“Our DNA is in the newspaper industry,” he said.

For more information, visit content.ntvbmedia.com or contact Keever at mkeever@ntvbmedia.com.

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