Italian Artist Creates Garments From Recycled Newspapers

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By: Nu Yang

Italian Artist Creates Garments From Recycled Newspapers

The news gets recycled in a fashionable way with Italian artist Ivano Vitali.

According to Italian website, Vitali weaves clothing from recycled newspapers, tearing the paper into strips and sorting it by colors so he doesn’t have to use dyes. Then he twists the paper into strips and makes it into a ball of paper “wool.” He has created garments such as dresses, shawls, gloves, and bikinis.

Vitali began his art career as a sculptor, but stopped using traditional materials because he felt “people’s creativity should be expressed without harming man or environment.”

“I elected waste paper as the only medium for the realization of my works,” he told the website.

His results vary depending on the quality of the paper — weight, if it is glossy or not, color, printed words, and images contained. To stay environmentally friendly, he doesn’t add color or use water or any kind of glue. Instead, he makes the thread by overlapping and twisting the two ends of the paper strips.

“I avoid using glue because the thread would lose softness and elasticity, and by drying, it would create corners difficult to be knitted, and it would break more easily when bent,” Vitali said.

Vitali’s website ( hosts photos from his collection dating back to 1997, including a cloak created from ads, a blazer knitted with black ads and its collar crocheted from the white edge of dailies, and skirts made from strips of newspapers.

One thought on “Italian Artist Creates Garments From Recycled Newspapers

  • March 16, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Seriously? This is what E & P is covering? Wow. Good luck.


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