Look Ahead: Libercus and Youneeq Partner For a More Effective Publishing Platform

The homepage of the Toledo Blade with its recommended stories section.
The homepage of the Toledo Blade with its recommended stories section.

Libercus has its head in the clouds. Well, more like its content management system. With its cloud-based CMS and single content database, Libercus aims to improve its digital service offerings through a new partnership with Youneeq, a Canadian company that uses behavioral big data and algorithms to increase user engagement levels.

Libercus’ streamlined CMS paired with Youneeq’s automated recommendations and digital services can now give publishers a more effective publishing platform that requires less newsroom resources.

By using Youneeq’s resources, publishers can decipher what website traffic has been generated synthetically, reduce resources needed to run the site, and “collect big data without all the expense and fuss,” said Steve Lett, Libercus North American sales and marketing.

Mark Walker, president of Youneeq, added, “(With this partnership), there’s a real opportunity to have a comprehensive audience and data solution as an integral part of a content management system.”

Publishers who utilize Libercus-Youneeq will have the ability to integrate all content into a single platform. According to Walker, newspaper partners have seen engagement increase from two to four more pages per user per session, which is a 100 to 150 percent increase. On social media sites like Facebook, Walker said engagement increased to about three to five times in pages per user per session.

Although the formal partnership is only a few months old, both companies have already worked alongside three news media organizations: Block Communications (Toledo, Ohio), Federated Media (Mishawaka, Ind.) and Sandusky Newspaper Group (Sandusky, Ohio).

In Ohio, the Toledo Blade (owned by Block) has been using Libercus to power their website and print layout since 2011 and Youneeq’s recommendation system since January 2015, John Crisp, the paper’s vice president of new media, said they fully integrated with the Libercus-Youneeq partnership for the redesign of the Blade’s website, which just launched in April.

“The cornerstone and starting point of the relationship was the recommendation that powered our website,” said Crisp. “But the future of the relationship…is the data collection and therefore the ability to do more targeting with advertising, content and offers and a whole host of other things you can do once you’re collecting that data. That, to me, is one of the more valuable parts of a news strategy not just for BCI, but in the news industry.”

He continued, “The more we know about the readers, the more relevant type offers and rewards we can give those readers who are subscribers…so it really opens up a world of capabilities.”

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