Look Ahead: Transcribing App, Temi, Gives Time Back to Journalists

The least alluring part of our industry is arguably transcribing. On average, journalists spend six hours a week transcribing audio. Jason Chicola, founder of Rev.com, reminds E&P that this adds up to about two lost business months. Instead of allowing this to be the norm, Chicola and his team (including PhD speech scientists, MIT engineers and product managers) sought a better answer and created Temi, an automated speech recognition engine that transcribes audio to text in just minutes. Chicola serves as the company’s co-founder and CEO.

Temi’s average turnaround time for a transcript is 1 to 5 minutes for a 0 to 30 minute-length file and 10 to 13 minutes for a 90 to 120 minute-length file, and costs 10 cents a minute.

Currently, Temi only works with the English language, but the company hopes to expand to more languages in the future. The platform can, however, work with almost any type of audio or video file.

Temi can be used a few ways, and the website is a one-stop-shop for all of Temi’s features. Users can upload audio or video files or even drop in a link and Temi will return the transcript within minutes via email. Users can also edit, fine-tune and highlight important parts with the editor tool. Also available is the Temi app that allows users to record, store and submit files to be transcribed.

The online service was created in May 2017, and it was formally launched a month and a half later. A mobile app was launched in August 2017.

Jason Chicola

According to Chicola, the Huffington Post, New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN and more use Temi. He also shared that some journalists have found the program helpful in producing first drafts, saving ideas and transcribing meetings, allowing users to be present with coworkers and clients.

Temi makes collaborating simple as well. “It’s so easy to share transcripts with colleagues via a link generated right in the platform. Once accessed, collaborators can view the transcript and even make edits if given editing rights,” said Chicola.

Andrew Lewis, a freelance journalist, has been using Temi for a year. “It has become my go-to any time I need to transcribe interviews. It has saved me countless hours of time. I used to spend three hours transcribing a one-hour interview…(or) cherry pick the important parts I remembered to save time…It really takes a lot of the stress out of my job and allows me to focus on my favorite part—writing.”

Chicola agreed that stress is a recurring theme. “We often hear that Temi has alleviated work-related stress for journalists, who would be under the wire to meet deadlines, only to lose hours of that time to transcribing instead of writing strong stories…Temi gives the power of time back to journalists.”

For more information, visit temi.com.

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