New York Times Announces Plans to Launch 30-Minute Weekly TV Show

CNN recently reported that the New York Times is planning to run a weekly television series for 30 minutes that “will feature Times journalists at work in the field.”

Hiring is currently underway. The job listing indicates the Times is actively seeking an editor/executive producer to lead a series “that seeks to combine the range and authority of Times journalism with immersive storytelling, innovative visuals and best-in-class production values. The show will include groundbreaking investigations, on-the-ground reporting, agenda-setting interviews and new formats yet to be invented.”

As of press time, no decision had been made yet as to who will lead the program, according to Danielle Rhoades Ha, vice president of corporate communications for the Times.

Included in the job posting is the production company Left/Right, which is listed as working with the Times on the new series. On Left/Right’s website it states that the company “creates television and film projects that illuminate the drama and comedy of real life.”

According to the listing, the person who spearheads the ambitious series “will get to work with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists covering the biggest stories of our time, from the Trump presidency to the #MeToo Movement to the rise of artificial intelligence, the consequences of climate change, the spread of populism and much, much more.”

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One thought on “New York Times Announces Plans to Launch 30-Minute Weekly TV Show

  • May 10, 2018 at 11:39 am

    “new formats yet to be invented” – The ugly side of confidence is arrogance – and that is a quote that a small paper publisher just “invented.” We know the caliber of the Times, but it sounds like your copywriters are getting a little carried away.


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