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by: Adreana Young

Now Hiring

Charleston Newspapers, a West Virginia company that serves as the agent for advertising, production and business for the Charleston Gazette, the Charleston Daily Mail and the Sunday Gazette-Mail newspapers, and Shaker Recruitment Advertising recently launched a new website to help West Virginia residents find local jobs., which is a full service recruitment site, was first developed after Charleston Newspapers felt national sites were not as relevant in today’s job seeking and recruiting market as they once were, said Charleston Newspapers’ advertising director John Kelly.

“We felt that general nationwide job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder were becoming less relevant in today’s recruitment marketplace. Employers and applicants are increasingly going to job specific vertical boards,” Kelly said. “Additionally, it appears Monster is weaning itself away from partnering with newspapers and trying to go direct with employers and job seekers.”

Kelly said that Monster lacked the local aspect that offered. While Monster might offer more “bells and whistles,” Kelly said people are looking for jobs and advertising that suits their needs without having to relocating.

Kelly said the site’s functionality is very simple, making it easy for both job seekers and employment recruiters to join and navigate the website. The site is free for job seekers, and employers who register on pay a small advertising fee for advertising in both the Daily Mail and the Gazette printed newspapers and on the new jobs website.

Shaker Recruitment Advertising, based in Chicago, owns all the software for the website and manages the design. While the website’s third partner, The West Virginia Press Association, is working to recruit more newspapers to join the site, Kelly explained.

Currently, there are approximately 80 daily and weekly newspapers in West Virginia. “We would love to have them all on board,” Kelly said.’s aim is hyperlocal with most of its job opportunities based in West Virginia.

Although the website is in its early stages, having only launched in April, it has found great success. At the time of launch, there were more than 6,000 jobs for residents to scroll through; a week later, the website had nearly 1,000 more jobs added, totaling 6,945. Within the first four hours after launched, more than 1,200 people visited the site, according to Kelly.

Although Kelly does not believe the website will replace revenue lost from the decline of classified ad revenue, he said they are doing significantly better than they were with their Monster partnership.

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