Statesman Carrier Comes to the Rescue

By: Kristina Ackermann

At E&P we hear a lot of stories about the heroic deeds conducted by newspaper carriers in the wee hours of the morning. Newspaper men and women across the country have rescued complete strangers from burning buildings, foiled burglaries, and even herded longhorn cattle back to pasture (yes, really). But when we heard this story from the Austin American-Statesman, we decided it was too exceptional not to share with our readers.

Evelyn Rogers is a 75-year-old resident of Liberty Hill, Texas and a longtime Statesman customer. Her regular paperboy, Ethan Mueller, is considerate enough to deliver her paper at the top of her quarter-mile-long driveway each morning because she can’t walk all the way down to the curb — a deed already above and beyond expectations.

On the evening of Aug. 18, Rogers went out to her front yard to water her flowers with her puppy Lucy. As she sat down in a lawn chair to rest, the bottom of the chair broke through and the chair folded up like a taco with Rogers stuck in the middle, unable to get free.

With the temperature hovering at 100 degrees and no one nearby to hear her shouts for help, Rogers managed to nudge a garden hose close enough to drink from. The neighborhood had been on notice not to drink the tap water without first boiling it, but Rogers had to take her chances. She was stuck there for the remainder of the night, unable to eat or take her insulin shots.

After 12 long hours of being trapped in the collapsed lawn chair, Rogers was finally rescued when Mueller arrived at the top of her driveway the next morning to deliver her paper — right on schedule. Mueller called 911 and held Rogers’ hand while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. At the hospital, doctors had to flush Rogers’ kidneys of toxic enzymes that had built up from her being unable to move for so long. They also suspected she had suffered a heart attack during the ordeal.

E&P extends our gratitude to Mueller for his heroic actions, and congratulations to the Statesman for having such an honorable employee. Thank you to Jana Dobson at the Statesman and Jan Sukup (Rogers’ daughter-in-law) for passing along this story.

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