Stringr Provides Newspaper Partners with Custom Video, Archival Footage

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As demand for video grows, it can be a challenge to capture footage of every event. But with Stringr, publishers now have the option to obtain top-notch video from nearly every corner of the United States. With 19,000 videographers in 200 U.S. markets, Stringr provides custom video content or archival footage for newspapers to use.

It’s simple, according to Lindsay Stewart, CEO and co-founder. “Basically you can go into our system and ask for, say, a protest that you’re aware of on Main Street, drop a pin on a map, make a request, give your deadline and then that footage will be returned to you within your deadline.”

Stringr first launched two years ago in select major markets across the country and opened nationwide last November. Stewart said the idea for Stringr came to her while she was working as a TV producer for ABC News, where collecting video from social media was a challenge.

“The folks that shoot and upload to social media own those clips and they aren’t necessarily shooting them in a quality level that is in line with what major broadcasters or publishers want,” Stewart said. “So I felt like I was grabbing at straws and wishing there was a better system where we could request footage we wanted and have people return it back to us in a much better composed manner…I also wanted a place where it was already rights cleared and there was a known price for it.”

In addition to providing an easy solution to gathering video, Stewart said they’ve also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of videographers who join their network.

“It’s not to say my mom, for instance, might provide good footage, but on the other hand we’ve learned a lot about the profile of the person who does, so we have focused our marketing dollars to bring those people in,” she said.

Some of Stringr’s newspaper and media partners include The Washington Post and the Associated Press. To become a partner, publishers can purchase a bundled clip package or a subscription to the service.

“Stringr is very much right at this cross-section,” said Stewart. “(Newspaper publishers) can leverage all of their great editorial skills—and they’ve long had (those) skills for reporting and writing the news—so now they don’t have to hire a videographer staff needed to monetize their site.”

Stewart said they hope to expand Stringr’s network to Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in the next year or so. For more information, visit

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