Wibiya Bar Creates Personal Web Experience

By: Nu Yang

Wibiya Bar Creates Personal Web Experience

When Wibiya launched in 2008, social engagement was just emerging as a trend for publishers. Today, the tech company provides a visual bar that spans the bottom of a client’s website, linking site visitors to their social media accounts and adapting to target audiences to increase metrics such as page views, time on site, and subscription rates. In 2011, Wibiya was acquired by publisher network and platform Conduit.  

“Over the last two years, as our relationships with our publishers and our technology evolved, we were able to take a hard look at online behavior in order to focus on the ‘what’s next’ for social engagement,” said Wibiya co-founder and vice president Dror Ceder.  

After interviewing dozens of publishers and analyzing more than 1 billion clicks across the Wibiya network, Ceder said his team concluded that, “different online users responded very differently to different calls to action.  

“This insight opened the door to a new approach to publishing — what the team termed ‘active design,’” he said.  

Recently, Conduit introduced a reinvented Wibiya bar, which applies a more personalized approach. For example, visitors browsing in Spanish will be invited to translate the site into Spanish, readers who arrive to a site from Facebook can like a message, and those who arrive from Twitter can follow a story.  

Ceder said publishers only need to insert one line of code to add Wibiya, and then the system is managed through a dashboard. Publishers can also develop rules to define and target different audiences.  

“All rules, as well as performance analytics, are available and customizable in real time, so publishers can refine and optimize their settings,” he said.  

According to Ceder, sites using Wibiya have seen more likes, retweets, shares, and clicks-to-view than ever before. “For example, FashionTV, a leading global fashion and style brand, is seeing a 20 percent click-through rate on targeted content recommendation.”  

The system provides revenue opportunities for online news publishers. “Advertisers are looking at three primary metrics: audience, reach, and frequency of engagement,” Ceder said. “With Wibiya, news organizations can target loyal readers with a paid-subscription message or target local readers with nearby events and updates … With content recommendations, news organizations can increase their reader engagement, generating more clicks, page views, and time spent on the site — all of which increases ad revenue.”  

Wibiya clients can also specifically target iPad users with a prompt to download their app.  

“Far too many publishers are focusing on concepts that require serious investment and resources with uncertain returns,” Ceder said. “We designed Wibiya as a simple solution that delivers tangible value to the reader and to the publisher.”  

Ceder is seeking large content partners to participate in a product extension, which will be offered as a free managed service.

For more information, visit wibiya.com.

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