X Marks the Spot

by: Adreana Young

X Marks the Spot

The Denmark-based software company, Integration X has made its way to North America, opening a new office in Nashua, N.H. Integration X provides solutions for newspapers, magazines, and digital publishers that automate work processes and add value to the supply chain, said director of sales, North America, Tom Grilli.

Headed by Grilli, the U.S. office is in place to fill a market that is “ready to accept new ways of working and re-engineering (the) work process,” said Jacob Salomonsen, Integration X sales manager.

“The U.S. was a natural next step for us,” he said. “From experience, we know that U.S. publishers need new solutions and better systems to sustain flexibility in ad production.”

According to Grilli, Integration X is aimed at two segments: advertising production and page production. The company uses two product suites: ADPOINT and OUTPUTWORKFLOW.

ADPOINT is a complete solution for advertising material management and production, said Grilli. “With ADPOINT, publishers—(whether they are) print or digital—keep track of ad materials, assets, proofs, and production files. ADPOINT includes a complete asset management database as well as customer portal and, as such, can manage outsourced production, in-house production, or a combination.”

For editorial teams, Integration X offers OUTPUTWORKFLOW. The program can be used for publication planning and page proofing.

“OUTPUTWORKFLOW offers a complete overview and flexibility in the page output process,” Grilli said.

Integration X was founded in 1998 near Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the last 18 years, they have expanded to four different countries including Norway, Hungary, Spain and the U.S, this year. Now, 70 percent of Integration X’s customers are based outside of Denmark.

But, the U.S. isn’t the last stop for Integration X; they are currently looking at the market for business in South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Integration X plans to continue adding to the functionality of ADPOINT in order to better enable publishers and the media industry with an effective product.

“We’ve already added support for banners and mobile ads to ADPOINT. We expect to continue down this path with new integration modules for ad serving as well as even better support for rich media formats,” said Salomonsen.

He added they will be “introducing a complete planning and dummying solution that builds on the ADPOINT core and connects advertising management to editorial planning. This product is called PLANPOINT and will soon be in beta release.”

For more information on Integration X and their products, go to integration-x.com.

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